Tiger: It’s Getting Worse

Get this: I wish that I could tell the cops three times that I don’t want to talk to them when there’s been a major incident in my life. That’s what having big money–or living in Florida–gets you. Tiger Woods = buckshot shooter Dick Cheney.

I think him getting out of the house was a good idea. And that he didn’t put his hands on her. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a quiet resolution to whatever was eating at them at 2:00 a.m.

I’m not even going to say anything else except provide links. When Monday breaks, it’s gonna be hell. Everyone is now saying Tiger Woods has something to hide. Most probably the state of his face. If he looks like he’s been hit with the ugly stick or that golf club by his wife, Elin may go to the slammer for spousal abuse, and their marriage hits an unprecedented nadir. Fess up, stupid. Let the cops in and explain. If Elin has to be booked, then she has to. It’s way out there in the open now. TMZ has been running with the ball all weekend long. Fess up! Whoever is advising you is giving you bad, bad counsel. Speaking via your web page? Sheesh!

Steve Elling of CBS Sports says it’s way past time for the hangout route.

Tiger still stonewalling the cops.

Tiger to friend: “I have to run to Zales to get a ‘Kobe Special” to placate Elin’s anger. When asked what that was, Woods’ replied, “A house on a finger.” Refer to Kobe Bryant’s rape case in Colorado and what he used to mollify his wife’s anger. A rock the size of the island of Hawaii, and could probably buy a slice of it as a down payment.

Party girl and serial adultress Rachel Uchitel runs to attorney Gloria Allred–of all people–for help. Oh, hell. You’ve got to be kidding me on this.

Some brothers in Maryland who run East Coast Bias suggests some plausible, and not so plausible explanations Tiger and his handlers could try out for size.

It’s gonna be one of those manic Mondays.

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