Coming: Lockhart and Grace, and On Obama’s War

I’ve been waiting for more video on the Nancy Grace-Bradley Lockhart interview on Monday, September 30 just so you could see it for yourselves. Nancy Grace was touting Lockhart as some kind of new child abuse advocate? Made me want to hurl. If he’s so simon pure, and so concerned about children’s safety, then why was his bottomfeeding attorney there?

And regarding Obama: I’m simply shaking my head. Just shaking my head. Fool, is what I want to call him. This country is being run on policies and strategies that no longer work for their time. When Karl Rove applauds Obama’s expansion of the Afghan war, you know we’re in big trouble. This is not going to pan out. That sucking sound that you hear is not just the jobs going to China or to Mexico, or the big bonuses being shelled out to Goldman Sachs employees, but good money being flushed down the toilet. Money that could help the American people.

I remember reading how the Democrats wanted to make this their war sometime after September 11. In their jealousy, they felt that they would manage the war better than how Bush and Cheney were. How much better? The Afghanis themselves don’t want a surge, and it’s not just the corrupt faction that President Hamid (the second coming of Ngo Dinh Diem) Karzai is coddling. Obama could have taken the principled way out, admitted failure, began direct talks with the Taliban as a way of dividing them from al Qaeda, and moved some troops to that netherworld between Afghanistan and Pakistan and fought there. He could have saved lives. Instead, he’s bent his ear to the generals, and to Bush holdovers and Clintonistas (Rahm Emmanuel). Vice President Biden–who has suggested and been in favor of a pullout–has been pushed out to talk points with the punditocracy and to Democrats on the circuit. I know he must be thinking, we’ve been this stupid-assed way before, have mercy on us.

So give me time. Like I said before, I have another job now. Keep your shirts on.

~ by blksista on December 2, 2009.

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  1. Saint Lockhart is getting on my saint nerves.


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