The Tears of a Genius: Stevie Wonder at the Grammy Preview Party, Weeping for Michael Jackson

This was no fake. This was published on Bossip this morning and you’d think that folks had no soul at all, saying that Stevie was being fake, that he couldn’t let go, that he should have finished grieving by now. Wrong,you idiots. Wrong.

Stevie knew Michael and all the other Jacksons as children growing up within the Motown family. Some are still grieving his loss, especially Diana Ross. Imagine spending hours and hours with each other, sometimes in total silence, knowing, experiencing, enjoying. Yall are some hard generations coming up, that you cannot understand that this was not some kind of publicity plug for Michael at all, or to call attention to himself, but was a real and live expression of grief.


~ by blksista on December 3, 2009.

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