Bradley Lockhart on Nancy Grace: Why Did He Need a Lawyer By His Side The Whole Time?

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Anyway, getting back to this fool. The mumble-mouthed, self-professed father of Shaniya Davis had his attorney with him during the entire time–why? Lockhart also seemed to be sedated, as though words had to be pushed out between his teeth. Does he have something to hide? Or is the attorney there to keep him from running his mouth too much, and giving ammo not only to his detractors, but to the investigation into his daughter’s death?

What really insulted my sensibilities was that Grace was touting him as some kind of child abuse/tough-on-crime advocate like John Walsh or Marc Klaas. Worse, she was cooing at him like some kind of mommy, inviting him to talk about Antoinette Davis (who he is quite careful not to say much about–do you notice that?) and whether she should get the death penalty, and not like a journalist asking a few pertinent questions. It was one of those disgusting (dis-Grace-ful, really) performances in light of the continuing, mounting suspicions by many observers of this case as well as the cops in Fayetteville that there is more to this story than meets the eye. From what I understand, Lockhart has at least two attorneys at his beck and call, including one from Florida. Again, one asks why? I sure didn’t see Walsh or Klaas suddenly lawyer up when their kids were kidnapped in the 1980s and the 1990s, respectively. The cops cleared these men from complicity early on. Lockhart is another story. Bill Kirby of the Fayetteville Observer had this to say:

“Children need a voice,” Lockhart told Nancy Grace, explaining his involvement in Stop Child Trafficking Now, an organization focused on targeting child predators for sexual abuse. “I’m trying to be that voice.”

But where was his voice of reason – or better said, his voice of responsibility – when Bradley Lockhart said yes to allowing this child to live with this mother who previously had been investigated by Cumberland County Social Services?

He, by his account, wanted to give Antoinette Davis a chance to share in parenting their child.

She was gainfully employed. She was, by his account, demonstrating stability.

But being cared for by an aunt in a well-regarded neighborhood or a father living in a $248,000 home is not the same as living in a 12-by-40 trailer with dirty dishes and unkempt bedrooms.

“A pigsty,” says Barbara Davenport, manager of the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park, where Antoinette Davis’ sister lived and where Shaniya’s mother said she discovered her child missing near dawn on Nov. 10.

No, I really do believe he wanted to get Shaniya off his hands completely as a pretext to his looking for and obtaining more contracting work. You know, earlier I would have been willing to believe that she was his favorite child, but it doesn’t look like it. Men will kill for favorite children, whether boys or girls. Bradley Lockhart didn’t have any favorite children. He was his own favorite child. Children hampered him, period. Like any adult child, he wanted to be selfish; he wanted to be free as a bird. Oh, he was willing to bed black women, marry them, and make babies with them, but alone as a single father, his children from Vickie Sue hampered him. They were her children, not his, which sounds a lot like how the slavery system viewed the biracial children of a black mother. Shaniya hampered him, no matter how clean and sweet she looked in her now famous photo in the white dress and pink shoes. He has two other children with baby mamas, making a total of six, minus the now-murdered Shaniya. At least one mother and child live out of state, I have read. To him, it appears that his biracial children have fallen from the skies like locusts. And like locusts, they were pests that ate at him and his profits.

And I observe how much like Marc Klaas Bradley Lockhart is becoming. I was IN Marin County during the Polly Klaas rape-murder case. It’s ironic how Marc Klaas has become such a public advocate against child sexual abuse since he was for all intents and purposes missing in action in his daughter’s life for years and became famous for his histrionics both in and out of court after Polly’s murder. It made a lot of people look askance at him, which is one reason why his nationwide appeal as a mad dad is rather limited. Like Klaas, I feel that Lockhart is profiting off the blood and flesh of this child.

While he may not be receiving a paycheck if he goes before CBS News, Lockhart will collect if he appears on Nancy Grace or Oprah. There are still people who do not know all the particulars of this case who would be willing to donate to that nascent fund to help pick up Shaniya’s funeral expenses, despite the fact that Shaq has taken up that slack. Lockhart’s camp states that the money will then be sent to a fund for missing and abused children, like Stop Child Trafficking Now, but I really wonder. I repeat, sometimes money like this has a tendency to drop off the face of the earth if you don’t watch it. I wouldn’t be surprised of there are tens of thousands of dollars in that fund right now. It would be quite a nest egg for Lockhart to live off until he finally finds employment

A few more things. I admit to being a bit confused earlier as to the identity of Bradley Lockhart’s first wife, Vickie Sue, who was murdered with her sister in a home invasion robbery. (No, it was NOT connected with drugs.) Vickie Sue Coleman Lockhart remains the first and to this day, the only Lockhart wife on record. Lockhart profited off the death of this wife with life insurance policies, and gave their three children to their maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Coleman. Over the years, Lockhart had been in and out of court with the Colemans who essentially wanted him to provide support for their upbringing. One of those children is Cheyenne Lockhart, who is currently living with a neighbor. It is said that Byron Coleman, Jr., the grandson of Byron Coleman, took his mother’s maiden name as his own, possibly in response to his father’s resistance to providing child support.

Because of the Tiger Woods scandale du jour, naturally all interest in this case has dropped off. The newest developments: that Antoinette Davis has been sent a women’s prison, and that the alleged murderer, Mario Andrette O’Neill, has been transferred to prison in Raleigh, North Carolina, both for their own safety.

On Tuesday, Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Davis, was transferred to the North Carolina Correctional Center for Women in Raleigh for safekeeping.

Debbie Tanna, a spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, said Davis was moved to make sure she wasn’t harmed by herself or others.

“She is pregnant, so special precautions had to be taken,” Tanna said.

Davis is charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse involving prostitution. Her bail was set at $51,000.

No doubt she and O’Neill will be in isolation; and then in prison, they might be lucky enough to clean up from their addictions. This would be a plus for the child Antoinette is carrying. However, one rumor that is going around is that both may have a sexually-transmitted disease, like the AIDS virus. They’re going to need and going to get a lot of medical and therapeutic care.

The Fayetteville cops are still toiling away on behalf of Shaniya. At least 20 investigators are still working on and tying up leads and reporting to the DAs of Cumberland County and probably, of nearby Lee County, where Shaniya’s little body was found. One particular question that Nancy Grace failed to ask Bradley Lockhart was why she was pulled out of the elementary school that was closest to her aunt, Casey Lockhart-Davis. That’s one question for which the cops are seeking a answer.

As usual, this ain’t over yet.

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  1. Many of my thoughts and theories have certainly been answered. Shaniya being withdrawn from school baffled me. Why Shaniya’s paternal family never made contact by phone or visit after her move? Byron’s reaction to his father’s hug during the interview outside the home. I did not realize BL fathered 6 or 7 children. Where is A’s son residing? So many children were victimized in the case, Shaniya’s brother (A’s son) must be feeling a void. I am so sorry Shaniya had to go through the pain before her departure. R.I.P. Baby Girl, God did not want such a beautiful angel to become a product of her exposure. Unfortunately, she may have grown up to abuse drugs and children, contract an STD at such a young and tender age, her sexuality would likely have been so off key. Shaniya should have never been allowed unsupervised visits with her mother.


  2. What is the name of the child advocacy group Bradley Lockhart was going to be a spokesperson for? I can’t remember. I am appalled, but not surprised that he has moved on to a new fiancee. So gross, so gross.


    • Paula:

      The name of that child advocacy group was STC-NOW!: Stop Child Trafficking NOW!
      I’ve been shell-shocked since I found out about the engagement and upcoming wedding and sudden out-of-state move to Alabama. Meanwhile, what is going on with his unemployed sister, Carey and his other children who are almost all over the age of 18? There is something NOT sitting right with this guy. How come more people are not coming out and stating the obvious about him? Why won’t the authorities even attempt to hint whether or not they investigating him at all? How could they not be looking at his EVERY move? I just want to know the answers to ANY of these questions…Does anyone have them? Ed Grannis- Where the heck are you and what are you doing about Brad Lockhart’s strange behavior both before & after his daughter’s untimely death?!!!??


      • Sunny thanks for giving me the name of Stop Child Trafficking Now! I went on their website and the first thing you see is a big photo of Shaniya and a solicitation for the Shaniya Speaks Out Fund. So gross. Bradley Lockhart is listed as someone who will come speak about the horrors of child trafficking. Too little, too late, Bradley. It’s ridiculous!! There is nothing, absolutely nothing about her case (except for a little blurb in a article about North Carolina sex trafficing) and any kind of campaign for justice. I wonder if the Wachovia Bank account is still intact and if they are still accepting donations. I’m still so angry and depressed over her short life and death. My husband and friends really can’t understand why I’m still so distraught after all these months. I have my 3 daughters and I’m pregnant again; my life is going well. When I think about the life my girls have and the life Shaniya had, my blood starts to boil at the discrepancy. We would have shared with her, we’d have adopted her in a heartbeat (completely closed-no contact adoption). We would have loved her, just like so many people would have. Whatever happened to the kindness of strangers? To morality and accountability?

        I want her death to be avenged. I want people to know that there are severe consequences for doing wrong. If you can’t do the right thing for the right reason, then Society should make the consequences of doing the ‘wrong thing” be so dire that you do the right thing out of fear of reprisals. You can’t legislate morality, but we can do a better job of protecting the vulnerable, our children, our future.


        • Paula:

          It’s a shame that the organization which claims to be “greatly involved in the Shaniya Davis case” only has a few tidbits of information to share on their website about her horrific and untimely death. Go figure…it’s just another organization attempting to use the Brad Lockhart bandwagaon to gain notariety and solicit funds for themselves to serve their own purposes. Shaniya is just another needle in a haystack to them.
          As far as Brad Lockhart being available to speak at events about the horrors of child trafficking….WTF would he have to share that would be of ANY substance? Would be talk about how it’s dangerous to have numerous children by various women and letting everyone else under the sun raise and care for them could lead them to being susceptible to child trafficking?!?! I’m just sayin’! Let’s be real here STC NOW- That’s like letting Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents go around the world talking about the dangers of exposing your children to violent video games, gory movies and everything else that turns your child into a mass murderer…..All of the parents failed at their PRIMARY JOB. So, what they possibly tell other parents who are seeking to hear advice from parents whose children didn’t end up dead on account of their negligence. Lord forgive me for being so ANGRY right now…!!!


  3. It’s very refreshing to find a group of people who see this situation for what it really is: A media circus and Brad Lockhart is at the middle of the circus ring. I know for a fact that he got engaged to his new girlfriend, Suzanne Starkey, on New Year’s Eve and he has now moved to live in Alabama. Aren’t these a whole lot of new life changes when his “Precious little Angel” Shaniya’s case is coming to a start within the court system. McNeill’s court date last week for the Kidnapping charges were continued until the second week in February, and Antoinette Davis’s case is also coming up in a week or so. But, how the HECK can this man be planning a wedding and moving out of state just 3 months after his daughter’s murder….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Ed Grannis…Are you making note of all of this?? Where is the money coming from to pay for the new engagement ring, the move, the new house in Alabama…? So many questions!! Won’t somebody give us any answers =(


    • Yes, I agree where is the money coming from when just a few months ago he did not have the money for Shaniya’s funeral and Shaq paid for it
      What a scum, Brad Lockart is. He will continue to have more kids that he will leave to the naive new woman to raise. We all know his track record.


      • And let it also be noted that his new fiance, Suzanne, had no desire to raise or care for his biracial baby Shaniya. Howcome Suzanne was NEVER mentioned in any interviews as a person who helped to care for and raise Shaniya. You don’t just become someone’s fiance overnight. I’m sure she had to be dating Brad for several months….So, why is it that no one ever mentioned that Suzanne helped to care for Shaniya. There was a lot of talk about his ex-fiance, Tyrongella Davis, taking care of Shaniya and loving her. So, does this mean that the new girlfriend, Suzanne, came into the picture and wanted the child out of her relationship? I’m sure that she has a role in Brad’s decision to let Antoinette “be a mother.” This whole situation stinks. I want someone to look more into the relationship between Suzanne Starkey, Shaniya and Brad Lockhart. I’ll bet he was just trying to make the new girlfriend happy casue she didn’t want to babysit a child that isn’t hers!!! Her face is just pure evil and hateful in and of itself!


    • The authorities might like to check whether that fund for Shaniya’s burial has truly been given to anti-child sex abuse groups. I’ll bet that’s where the money is.


      • Yep, you’re right! But, I also bet some of that money was used to purchase Suzanne Starkey’s engagement ring and countless other things that Brad has been galavanting around town doing! Maybe the investigators are just laying low enough to give him enough rope to hang himself with…But, I just want to see any inkling of information that says they are investigation ALL persons involved in Shaniya’s negligence and intimely death. But, I’m sure he has an alibu for being out of town on the day of the murder and that is most likely enough for the authorities to not charge him with anything related to her murder or the events leading up to her murder. I miss Shaniya everyday…and I never even knew this little piece of heaven put on this earth for such a short amount of time=(


  4. Sorry Glenn, I do not agree with your view of Brad Lockart. He is a neglecful father to his living children and is to be blamed for Shaniya’s death. A good father does not leave a 5 year old with a drug addicted mother living with a bunch of felons and drug users. Don’t you get it He never checked on Shaniya. How good of a father is that. It is ovious that he wanted to rid himself of Shaniya. He can say what he wants now but he failed her miserably. I would not even have left my dog in this environment far more a beautiful little girl like Shaniya. I would be embarassed to defend such a father. Remember you are the compagny you keep. If you think his behavior is the commendable behavior of a parent, think again. And by the way no one needs to read the Enquirer to know that he did not check on Shaniya. He said it himself. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that you don’t leave your child under these conditions for 5 weeks without calling her or checking on her. I pray that he is charged with child endangerment and child neglect for all the other abusive parents who act like him to straighten up their acts. He did not deserve this beautiful child. I have nothing but discust for him. Can’t wait for the authority to get to the bottom of it.


  5. All the people leaving speculative and negative comments on this site should back off, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. I know Brad and he is a veteran and great American and awesome person as well as great father. I’ve lost a child also, but I couldn’t imagine what hes going through because the way it happend to Shaniya, I’m sure I would need some legal protection as well as guidance through the things like Brad has to deal with, especially considering there are bigoted, closed minded people like some on this site that ASSUME so many thing’s about someone based on NATIONAL ENQUIRER TYPE rumors and inuendoes.
    I hope all you bandwagon rumormongers never have to go through what Brad has been through.


    • Glen, telling us to back the fck up isn’t going to stop me or anyone else from feeling the way we do about this child’s death, and the negligence he and his sister demonstrated that may have helped cause her death.

      The reason why your so-called friend is lawyering up is that he may say something that will incriminate him; plus the social services department and the cops are still investigating this case. He may yet find himself in jail.

      Say what you want about him. I don’t frankly care whether he was a veteran or not. But when it came to taking care of her and his own children through his first marriage, he seems to have been one of the most irresponsible fathers on the planet.


    • Glen:

      I’d love for you to define “great father”. Did you really mean to draw a comparision between yourself and Bradley Lockhart in terms of losing a child? Did you drop yours off in a hell hole and forget about her until her death made national headlines? Did you then put your fat face forward as the poster parent for murdered and exploited children? Great Fathers are protective of their children. They don’t just hand them over to their biological mothers without a backward glance. I’m no bigot. I’m saying Bradley Lockhart was criminally negligent. No child should have to suffer what Shaniya suffered. For those of us who feel her pain (not the pain and regrets of the idiots who failed her and still live), who can’t sleep at night because her story makes us cry; I have to ask. If you’re so close to the situation and Brad, why wasn’t she safe at YOUR HOUSE?


      • Sorry Glen, but I will like to know in your view what makes Brad Lockart a GREAT FATHER. Is it that he fathered all these children and did not takr care of them? Is it that he left some of them to be raised by his deceased wife’s family or Cheyenne by a family friend? Is it to have washed his hand from Shaniya by sending her back to her mom to live in a feces drug infested hole of a trailer with a bunch of druggies and felon boyfriend and never looking back. If this is the type of neglecful father that you will want a child to have? Then it does not say much about your judgement. Anyway you want to look at it; it does not look safe to anyone whom cares and love children. I guess now your dear friend can be on his way to make more children. When does ignorance and stupidity such as his stop to be an excuse. He did not commit the crime but made it the perfect ground to happen. He is responsible. He has her death in his hands. I have no sympathy for him becuse never once did he take accountability for his actions and instead blamed others for his failure as a parent.


  6. What is going on with this case? Why the media blackout? She has not been forgotten. We want Shaniya’s life and death to mean something. She matters.


    • I think the DSS is quietly investigating themselves as well as conducting interviews.

      The cops are in no way sitting on their hands in this case. It is not closed in their view. They still have a number of people working on it.

      Don’t get me wrong; I’ve swung 180 degrees on this case since it hit the headlines. And I wonder what is up as well. But in order for the cops to have a case against either Bradley Lockhart or his sister, they have to figure out a scenario and then, catch who is lying. You think Bradley Lockhart is sitting comfortable wherever he is? I don’t think so. That’s why he’s lawyered up.


  7. Thank you blksista for placing my comment and for commenting on the plausability of what I said. It would be wonderful or at least help us to sleep a little easier if this crime against this one child helps to spare the lives of so many others who probably endure nearly as much as she in their short lives. I almost wonder if being born is cause for speculating just what trauma an individual will experience in their life. I suppose on some level, we all experience pain. It’s as if to say to BE on this plane of existence is to be pulled under by the negative force of gravity such as it presents itself.

    Individually, as adults, I guess all we can do is strive to become better and to perfect ourselves in this unperfect atmosphere…..but may mercy be granted to our children.


  8. After thinking about this situation constantly, I was in a lucid state this morning, not fully awake, when this theory about what happened to Shaniya Davis played out in my head. I live in Fayetteville and have heard various stories about what happened and I want to share my lucid theory:

    First of all, dysfunctional people do twisted things. It is alleged that AD contracted HIV from Clarence Coe. If Mario McNeil who had previously dated her sister was indeed AD’s drug supplier, perhaps she, Antoinette, had been known to pay for any drugs he may have supplied her with by having sex with him. This would be the way that McNeil contracted HIV from her. It would seem likely that finding out about the HIV and confronting Antoinette, he, McNeil, would be in a fit of rage and likely threatened her life and the lives of all those that resided in the trailer. He is a known, convicted and violent felon. If he threatened their lives, he may have by threat of death, coerced AD to make the child available to him. This would explain why she was charged with trafficking, prostitution, and the selling of a child to sexual serviturde but not with 1st degree murder or with manslaughter. She may not have intended for this to happen to her child but may nearly have had no other sound choices. It has also been rumored that the child had been passed around to at least two other men.

    Further, it was also stated somewhere that the reason Shaniya ended up back at Antoinette’s house is because Aunt Carey tried to scold her and Shaniya was defiant. Therefore, Antoinette told her to bring Shaniya to stay with her. Perhaps Aunt Carey wanted to teach Shaniya a lesson which would explain why she only sent her to AD’s house with two sets of clothing.

    Sadly enough, I believe the child may have gotten caught in the crossfire of the self-serving and drug-addicted adults that ruled over her life. They all share the burden of guilt and if guilt burns a hole in their souls, even if the justice system fails to implicate BL or anyone else, then the Universe will have balanced the scales.

    BTW, the Nancy Grace blogspot would not print my comment though it differed from this one. People deserve to have some semblance of the truth. I have two daughters and if anyone even thought as much to threaten their lives, I would have to suffer the consequences of my actions because I would die a thousand times for them. Some people are not fit to be parents because a certain measure of sacrifice is necessary to be a good parent. Above all, a child that is brought into this world deserves not only love but protection and nurturing and guidance. This case makes me question how much evil actually does exist in the world.


    • I don’t think you’re far off the mark, sista. Thanks for sharing these theories.

      I am with you on a child or children being threatened with a parent or two present. And like I said, if Shaniya had been a favorite child, there wouldn’t be any question about where that child belonged. In fact, she would have been alive and well, and we wouldn’t have heard about her at all.

      Horrible to think that that baby had been passed along to two other men. Too bad we probably won’t be able to find those men, because they are just as culpable and complicit in this mess.


    • Deeply Dismayed:

      I appreciate and admire all your insight. It really does help to shed some light on some unclear areas in this case. I wish more people like yourself would come forward and share what they know or have “heard through the grapevine.” In some instances, the “word around town” has some percentage of accuracy to it. Since you are closer to the situation by living in Fayetteville, I would greatly appreciate if you’d share any more info as you hear about it. It seems like the media and courts are being very hush, hush about the current ongoing investigation in this case. I understand that is because they don’t want to hamper any evidence or anything…But, I read the Fay Observer everyday since Shaniya’s death and hope to learn something new =(


  9. I also noticed how Carey Lockart Davis was left out of the obit. I wonder who wrote the obit. Paula you are so right on the trash of both sides of Shaniya’s family. I still feel so sad that she had to go through such a tragic end. Her dad is scum and I know so is her mom but at least Antoinette does not say that God made her do it and that it was God’s plan as that fool Lockart says. I am so angry when I see him on t.v. fake crying he only has one objective in mind is to prey on people symphaty for Shaniya and extort as much money as he can. I hope and pray that law enforcement charges him with neglect and endangerment. Because this is exactly what he has done when he dumped her with Antoinette. I pray for the truth to come out soon for every one to know what kind of scum him and his sister are. Poor Shaniya is gone, she will no longer hurt and she is now in a much better place. I feel terribly sad for his living children who are scattered all over the place.


  10. I think there are lots of skeletons in Bradley Lockhart ‘s and Carey Lockhart Davis’ closets. Antoinette Davis and the trailor of death crew need to die. Shaniya’s family is riddled with trash, on both sides. Something stinks here. No one with an ounce of love and compassion drops off their child and never talks to them again. It makes no sense to stop al communication; if you love your child you simply wouldn’t be able to do it. This tragedy highlights the death of marriage and the lack of personal responsibilty that is plaguing our society. The Gov’t. can’t teach you to love and respect others. It can’t teach you common sense. Read Shaniya’s obituary. There are lots of adults (not Carey Lockhart Davis) listed as family and extended family. Where the hell were they? They failed and Bradley Lockhart stands to make a profit off of her death. Meanwhile, the rest of us are haunted by Shaniya’s suffering and subsequent murder. Hug your children, let them know that there are monsters among us.


    • Paula!

      You have such a way with words…Right on the money every time! I feel every ounce of what you said here….It’s unfathomable how the sequence of events in little Shaniya’s life played out. It’s like a misaligning of the stars or something not right with the universe that so many BLOOD RELATIVES failed this child over and over again. To this day and until I go to my grave, I absoltuely refuse to believe that none of them could predict this would happen when Brad decided to let Antoinette keep her from October 9th onward. Oh, the weeks of depression and torment that little angel went through….I cannot stop the tears everytime it comes to my mind. God help us all!!!


  11. Have not heard much about Shaniya’s case this week. But I do agree with Bill Kirby and all of you who can see through Brad Lockart fake act. I also agree that he is all over the media because he wants to get his hands on as much money as possible using and profiting from Shaniya’s death. I saw that he was engaged to be married to Tyrongella Davis in April 2010 and that engagement is broken and that he has now a Caucasian girlfriend. It now makes sense (sic) why he wanted to rid himself of Shaniya and why even though he was told of burns on Shaniya’s arms etc. he chose to ignore it and decline everyone help. He dumped Shaniya at Antoinette and never checked on her, never looked back. I despise Brad Lockart and how he uses God and what God wanted for Shaniya, you can almost see his next calling as a preacher. What a shame and lame excuse of a father. I do hope that law enforcement sees him for what he is. He neglected and failed all of his children. If you listen to Cheyenne you can really see what she thinks of him as a father and his son seems to be very disconnected and oblige to say what Brad wants him to say. And believe me I know that Brad Lockart knew very well Antoinette Davis, her condemned trailer and all her group of friends. He is being very careful in what he says about her. I hope she let out the truth about Lockart and the real reason why Shaniya ended up with her. If Antoinette did prostitute Shaniya it is deplorable and she will have a long time to serve in jail and think of what she has done if she is guilty. But Lockart should not go free, he should be charge with neglect and endangerment and be stopped from profiting from Shaniya’s death.


  12. Sorry i meant why doesn’t he grieve in private…t’was late in UK…my excuse 😉


  13. Why doesn’t this guy grieve in public??

    I think the only thing Lockhart is hiding is his guilt – his guilt at not caring for shaniya as he should and for letting Shaniya go live with that lame excuse of they call a mother. And guilty he should feel too, i contend that he knew Davis was an unfit mother but for reasons only known to him, i suspect selfish, he choose to turn a blind eye; thus, he sealed Shaniya’s fate.

    I wonder when he last bothered to speak with Shaniya, was it a case of out of sight out of mind?? I wonder where he was at and what he was doing on the tragic day Shaniya died.

    Bradley Lockheart is racked with guilt – the guilt of failing as a parent.


    • He has cried in public. I think that he’s rather waterlogged, don’t you think?

      I think there is more than just the guilt, I think that it has to do with how he has treated all of his children, not just Shaniya. He is their father in name only. Some are ascribing far worse to him; that remains yet to be seen.


  14. I thought I read somewhere that Bradley had a girlfriend in Florida whom he possibly has a child with as well. Maybe that’s where the Florida attorney connection comes from. Bradley says ‘children need a voice’…well his daughter Cheyenne certainly has a voice which I hope she continues to use very loudly. Why didn’t he listen to her when she said Shaniya had cigarette burns when she returned from A’s home? Why are none of his other children living with him? I’m tired of seeing him crying all over television about Shaniya and pretending she was so important in his life. Did he ever once call her after she went to live with her crackhead mother? How often does he see his other children?


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