Meanwhile, Back in Madison (WI): Daddy Murders Two Baby Mamas and Their Daughters (w/Update)

UPDATE: An hour ago, Tyrone Adair was found dead in the front seat of the SUV he was last reported driving away with.

I figured he would go away somewhere that was woodsy, and where he wouldn’t be found until much later. Sure enough:

Adair’s body was found in a vehicle whose description and license plates match those that authorities believed Adair has been driving since he became a suspect in the death of four people last week. The vehicle was found by Dane County sheriff’s deputies on Natvig Road, off County Highway N, near the Town of Cottage Grove.

A towing truck service pulled up to the snow-covered Acadia with a large enclosed trailer to take the vehicle away. About 10 to 12 law enforcement officials from the county and city were on hand, blocking access to Natvig Road. Sources said that a private property owner noticed the parked SUV and called the police sometime around 10:30 a.m., WISC-TV reported.

Police have been looking for Adair since last Thursday when the bodies of two women and their daughters were found in two separate locations in Madison and Middleton. Adair, 38, of Middleton, is linked to all four deaths. He is the father of both young girls, police said.

He didn’t have to kill the children. In fact, he didn’t have to kill anybody. But did he have to kill the little girls?


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That’s right. Tyrone M. Adair is still on the loose right now, having commandeered a car, a 2007 silver GMC Acadia, belonging to one of the murder victims. His family made a deep apology to the families of the victims and made a public plea for Tyrone to surrender to the authorities as soon as possible at a press conference.

“Tyrone, we are here for you and we are asking you to turn yourself in immediately,” said Adair’s brother Damien Sundby, surrounded by eight members of the Adair family at the West District Police Station on McKenna Blvd. yesterday. “This needs to come to an end.”

Let me be very clear: a black man who produced two biracial daughters by two different white girlfriends living here in Madison and in next door Middleton decided to murder all four of them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to murder himself afterwards.

Word to everyone: This is one of four shootings that have occurred within a week here in the Madison area. People are reeling. ‘Tis the season, indeed.

Found on Park Edge Drive in Madison were 25 year-old Amber M. Weigel and her two year-old daughter, Neveah Weigel – Adair. According to a news release from Coroner Raymond Wosepka, the mother and daughter had been shot. Police reports indicated that they were found in the garage of Amber Weigel’s residence.

Found in Middleton on Branch Street were 33 year-old Tracy L. Graser and her daughter, Deja Adair, who would have turned two years old on Christmas. Wosepka said they were not victims of gunfire. Police reports indicated they were found in the trunk of a car which may have been driven from another location.

The suspect in all four murders is 38 year-old Tyrone Adair. According to a felony warrant issued for Adair’s arrest, Judd and Adair lived together at Judd’s home in Middleton with Judd’s daughters from another marriage. Those daughters told police Tyrone Adair called them around 7:30 p.m. to say their mother and half sister would not be coming home.

Tyrone Adair has racked up a steady history of domestic abuse complaints and other instances of threats and violence against women, battery, and bail jumping convictions. At least three women have sought domestic abuse restraining orders against him, but only one of those women, Hannah Flanagan, swore one out for four years, from 2006-2010.

[…T]he woman alleged Adair was “physically intimidating … and harassing,” threatened her and destroyed her property, including slashing two of her car tires.

She continued to write that she “felt unsafe” in her apartment because of Adair breaking in. She also wrote that he “tells me he could kill me.”

The Adair family

The Adair family at their press conference on Madison's Westside yesterday. Damien Sundby is at the podium flanked by his father, Harold Ferguson in the white sweater at right, and his mother, Madison activist and social worker Rita Adair, at far left (Courtesy: WKOW 27)

Tracy Judd, also known by the surname Graser, had filed and won a paternity suit against Tyrone Adair as recently as 2008, and Adair had been living with her and the baby for at least one year. In contrast, the other mother, Amber Weigel, had petitioned the court for legal custody of their baby and for child support since Adair had essentially abandoned her and the baby, and had told her that he wasn’t planning to see Neveah in the foreseeable future.

Both Neveah Weigel-Adair, mothered by Tracy and Deja Adair, mothered by Amber, were nearing or had celebrated their second birthdays. Again, little Deja would have been two on Christmas Day.

Rita Adair

A weeping Rita Adair, activist mother of alleged baby daddy murderer Tyrone Adair; the little girls were her granddaughters (Courtesy: WKOW-27)

This is all the more disturbing since Tyrone’s mother, Rita Adair, a social worker here in Madison since 1988, is known in this area for bringing dozens of Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans, LA to Madison, WI and helping them to get housing in the aftermath of the disaster. Both she and Tyrone’s father, Harold Ferguson, were present at the press conference, and embraced afterwards. They did not, however, speak to the press.

It’s sad to think the worst, but I think this guy has probably put a bullet in his own head somewhere out in the woods or is looking for a contrived way out like some kind of death-by-cops reverse suicide scenario. Anything that wouldn’t put reason or sanity to what he did, and especially some answers as to why he went off, at least for the survivors of his rampage, and especially his mother. It looks to me that he probably felt hemmed in by two women who had given birth to his children, and he was responsible for them. He didn’t want that responsibility, so he probably took the most extreme measure imaginable–to wipe them from existence.

I said before, the closer that we are getting to the end of the year (and the end of the first decade of the 21st century), the nuts are shaking off the tree. And they aren’t edible. They are nasty and diseased.

We’ve got Gulf War and Iraq War vets around here; we’ve got guys who’ve been laid off and haven’t had a job in a couple of years; we’ve got people who are losing their homes. We have people with little or no access to even mental health care. We’ve got a lot of angry guys who are being harangued by the right wing in this country to hate that black so-called American president and his Jewish advisers.

When I was living in New York City early in this decade, 50% of black men living there didn’t have a job. That is nearly the way it is for many in our largest cities. Today, black middle-class professionals are being squeezed out of good paying jobs to the tune of about 18%. Thirty-eight percent of black youth–the low end of the totem pole–do not have jobs either. If the middle class is faltering, the black middle class is on life-support. The kind of money a man and woman makes is supposed to create and sustain a family unit. That ain’t happening for many people nowadays. That’s another reason why there is this proliferation of baby mamas of all lower classes and colors.

Tyrone Adair’s last job was as a laborer in Windsor, which appears to be way out in the hinterlands of Wisconsin for some of you, but it is just outside Madison, near DeForest and in Dane County. He’s worked at a Madison hospital and at a restaurant, according to child support records. Despite having gainful employment, it seems to have been aimless, without rhyme or reason, with no goal in mind. It seems that there was nothing of interest that made his life tick, a passion that gave his life creativity and meaning. He seems to have been a man without a career or job prospects or skills; he’s just trying to get something together to keep himself. Being with these women who wanted more from him than he could give may have been too much for him, and he lashed out. But that is what being an adult means. Taking on responsibility not only for your life, but for the lives of people you help to create. Did you think that you could slide?

This assessment doesn’t mean that I approve of what he has done. Oh, hell no. Murder is murder. I do believe, though, that he was mentally ill. Someone who lashes out at people physically, people whom he is supposed to love, is anti-social. He’s destroyed not only his own family (who didn’t know what was brewing even at a family gathering weeks ago where he was there with one of his baby girls), but those of his former lovers, and the lives of his tiny daughters. But it makes me understand…and shudder for hundreds of thousands of other people who are living at the edge during this holiday season with very, very, very angry men these days.

Yall get help before it is too late, you hear? Especially during the holiday season. Not just your pastor. A therapist. AND go with them. And don’t give up.

Tyrone Adair is described as about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 175 pounds. Adair was last seen wearing camouflage pants, a baseball-style cap, a dark puffy vest and a green long-sleeved shirt. He was carrying a beige backpack. He might be driving that silver GMC Acadia with a Wisconsin license plate 342-EBL.

Anyone who may have seen him should call 911 immediately. He is considered armed and dangerous. Don’t even try to approach or apprehend him yourselves. If you even see that car, get away and call the cops.

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  1. Hi Blksista,
    I just wanted to mention that Tyrone did, in fact, have a passion for music and was a talented DJ, which was how many knew him. People who knew him for that find this tragedy even more confusing. I just hope that all three families involved can begin coping now that this is over with. Your post explains it as well as I think it can be explained, I’m sorry to say.

    Unfortunately, we have so many poisonous people on the internet commenting on the situation with no humanity at all. We also have a local talk radio personality making blatantly racist, horrific, and inaccurate comments about these events on his show. These reactions have been more eye-opening to me than what happened. Even in a small city like ours these people have no sense of community and that what Tyrone did to these women and babies touches many and is, in a way, everyone’s problem.


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