The Weigel Family Issues a Statement After Confirmation of Tyrone Adair’s Death

This statement was issued through the City of Madison, WI. Tyrone Adair murdered two women, one current and one previous girlfriend along with the two baby daughters he had fathered with them on December 3. His body was found yesterday in an SUV in a wooded area in Cottage Grove, WI. He had shot himself to death.

The Weigel family is grateful that the search for Tyrone Adair is over and now families can begin to gain a sense of closure. However, we are deeply saddened by all of the loss that everyone is experiencing.

Our love and support goes out to Tracy Judd’s family and the Adair family. In particular, we want to thank the Adair family for their cooperation with authorities in their efforts to find Tyrone. Amber always said she could not have asked for a better family for Neveah to have been born into.

At a time like this, where the act of evil can cause us to question or possibly cause a bump in our faith, we are instead remembering the importance of never taking life or love for granted. We also believe in the importance of seeking out personal healing, because oftentimes things like this happen because people can’t deal with their struggles in life.

Even though we will never truly know or understand why any of this has happened, our family has chosen to celebrate Amber and Neveah’s lives, which we will be doing this weekend at Olbrich’s Botanical Gardens.”

A spokesperson for the Weigels, Michaela Purdue, said no member of the family at present is ready to give interviews.

At least for now, no family members are blaming the Adairs for what has happened. Sometimes, even in the best of families, nature throws out a curve ball. I once knew a woman who was quite conservative, served on a grand jury, and yet had a schizophrenic twin son who sometimes didn’t take his medication and was sporadically employed. The other son was okay and held a degree and a career position.

I suggest that yall who live here in or around Madison support and show the Weigels respect at their celebration of Amber and Neveah’s lives at the Olbrich Gardens this weekend. When I am able, I will send further information regarding this ceremony.

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~ by blksista on December 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Weigel Family Issues a Statement After Confirmation of Tyrone Adair’s Death”

  1. Thank you for this view, blksista, I have known Amber’s sister since middle school and became very close to her and Neveah in the past year. As someone close the situation, I’m getting tired of seeing the racist name calling, etc.

    I loved both of those people, and was going to ask Amber to be in my wedding this coming Sept. I have an insane amount of anger toward Tyrone; this is something that haunts me each and everyday. I don’t know what caused him to commit the crimes he did, but a sane person does not do these things.

    You share the views of Amber’s family and friends, and I’d like to thank you for that.


  2. I agree with blksista and I appreciate your writing on this subject. My life, since my youth, has been surrounded by mentally ill people. Now, as an adult, I work with people that have significant mental illnesses. Knowing what I know, it’s entirely possible that someone can be psychotic and kill people. I’m not claiming that Adair was psychotic, I just know from experience that if some has schizophrenia, bipolar, or a psychotic depression they can do things that are unimaginable even to them when they are not ill (ie. taking medications). We do not know what was going on with Adair, and from what I can gather, neither did his family. He was clearly troubled, that we know. Was he pure evil? I doubt that considering how many people in the community are shocked by his actions. Again, blksista, love the blog!


  3. What do you mean by “nature throws us a curve ball”?? I don’t see how “nature” or a “curve ball” had anything to do with the pure evil of this man? Also, how does a schizophrenic son relate to this? Schizophrenia is a mental disease that no one can control, MURDERING four people is a choice.

    Please explain.


    • I said before in a previous post that Tyrone Adair was mentally ill. Out of everyone in the Adair family, it appears, no one committed these acts except him. I did not say Adair was schizophrenic; I used the example to show how even the best people can produce normal and then abnormal children.

      Untreated mental illness can make people attack others or commit other anti-social behavior. Not every one is born ‘normal.’ A sure sign of a mental problem is someone repeatedly lashing out against someone who is definitely weaker than he. Adair lashed out at women, period. His two former lovers who died at his hands were not the only victims. A man–white, black, Asian, Latino or purple–who repeatedly does things like this has a mental problem.

      You can call him all sorts of names, but it doesn’t alter the fact that Adair probably was very mentally ill. Does it excuse his actions? Nope.


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