The Great Blizzard of ’09 Comes to Madison

A state of emergency has been called for the State of Wisconsin by Governor Doyle because of the blizzard conditions that began early last night and will continue until Thursday.

If and when needed, the National Guard will be called up to help clear roads and otherwise restore order.

We’re digging out now, but nothing is moving around here except EMS people, and taxicabs that will take only the most vitally important folks, like hospital workers. Everyone is staying the hell home. Nobody is open; state, Feds, local; schools, colleges, banks, shopping centers and malls. Madison Metro Buses aren’t running for the rest of the day; airports half-way open or closed. There are reports of power lines down, but most MG&E customers are receiving services. County roads are in poor condition. And the winds are picking up.

If you don’t have to go anywhere, stay home.

More later; refer to this link, Live Blogging at Weather 3000, as a gateway to other local news and information.

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~ by blksista on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “The Great Blizzard of ’09 Comes to Madison”

  1. This is all part of global warming, according to the Al Gore. It’s actually a balmy 87 degrees outside right now, for those who really believe. Once he and his cronies start implementing their crippling carbon taxes on everything you buy and do as well as their poverty inducing programs that require you to retrofit everything you have with “environmentally friendly” versions/adaptations (which they sell, naturally) right after we ship all our industrial jobs overseas, the universe will magically be saved! We wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had learned to recycle your milk cartons and didn’t sometimes forget to turn off your porch light! Shame! Shame!


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