Gabourey Sidibe Nominated for Best Actress for Golden Globes and for Screen Actors Guild

I am glad for her. I hope her 15 minutes get extended into more fine work, not necessarily focusing on her heft. And as far as film roles go, heavy does not necessarily translate into poor or ignorant. The SAG Awards and the Golden Globes are a harbinger–an early prediction–of how the voting might go with the Oscars.

When the (SAG) nominees for movies were announced (today), cheers could be heard when first-time film actress Gabourey Sidibe, who stars in the current hit Precious was named among the actresses competing for Lead Actress. Her antagonistic co-star, Monique also received a nomination in the Supporting Actress category.

Looks like she’s a favorite, but she would have to knock off Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep big time. That would be fcking fantastic if that happened, though. Mo’Nique (or Monique) has more of a chance; see what she has to say about this. Perhaps Mo’Nique is trying to focus on other things rather than bollixing her chances by dwelling on these blips on her screen. Or, perhaps she’s heard that her portrayal of Precious’ evil mom was just too real for some folks to deal with, thus feeding into a stereotype.

More from People Magazine. The child is so cute; she’s just a kid. A kid, glad to be in the world:

“Oh my God, Justin Timberlake just said my name,” the actress told PEOPLE of her reaction to her Golden Globes nomination, which was announced Tuesday morning by the handsome singer. “I’m so very excited to come into this because I’m usually on the other side. I’m a fangirl and I watch these things happen, but they don’t happen to me!”

Sidibe, a self-professed ‘N Sync fanatic, might be as excited about its delivery as the news itself. “I told my roommate, and I literally said, ‘Oh my God, Justin just said my name,'” she said. “He finally said my name.”

The actress, who will join Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock, Carey Mulligan and Helen Mirren as a nominee for best actress in a motion picture (drama), said her family is revving up for the dream-come-true reality as well.

“I called my mom right away when I found out and she was really excited. She said that six people have called her already to congratulate her,” Sidibe said of Tuesday’s announcements. “My dad’s not really into this whole thing. He doesn’t really understand what all this is, it’s not his realm at all, but I’m going to tell him when I see him later today.”

I have more to talk about Gabourey’s nomination, as well as Aretha Franklin being on the cover of one of the tabloids this week, but I am at work, and of course, this must wait until much later.

List of all SAG nominees here.

List of all Golden Globe nominees here.

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