The Word on Harlem’s Streets About Tiger Woods

H/T to Jack and Jill Politics:

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Some of this is damn hilarious.

And then some of it is really deep…

Some of these men may live very precariously on Harlem’s streets. I’ve seen them. Some are vets, retired, oldsters, youngsters. Guys ekeing out a little something something on the streets to sell like soap or incense or books or their own sculptures. Many don’t have a college education. What they have is who they are. And who they are is a lot. They know a lot.

However, fifty percent of black men in NYC do not have jobs. Real jobs. Tiger is in an enviable position that these men wish he would do a lot better with. But they don’t care about Tiger, because he never cared about them–some of whom who may even resemble his own late father.

It’s good to see 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, and the Theresa Hotel, and the Apollo again. Harlem is forever.

And who is Leigh Davenport, who filmed this mini-documentary?

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~ by blksista on December 17, 2009.

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  1. Really like this. Great stuff@@@@@


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