Christmas Songs Redux: Olivia Olson, “All I Want For Christmas is You” from “Love Actually”

Loved that film, and loved that song from her, which was originally sung by Darlene Love. We don’t know who Joanna is, this paragon that Sam first-loves throughout Love Actually, but when we hear her voice and the lights go up on the school stage, we’re impressed. Well, at least I was.

All other recordings with her singing it straight from the film have been blocked in the United States. So here it is from the soundtrack. It’s a bit more syrupy, but what the hey, it is Christmas.

BTW, Olivia Olson is now 17. She has her own You Tube page that has music and news about her. She’s turning into quite a beautiful woman. I hope that she’s in mainstream film or in music soon.

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~ by blksista on December 25, 2009.

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