Michelle Obama Watch Announces Syndicated TV Show Featuring News About The First Lady

It’s tentatively called Our East Wing:

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Anywhoo, the folks who brought you Michelle Obama Watch, the blog are launching Michelle Obama Watch, the show. Although technically, the show is tentatively being called Our East Wing. After consulting with legal counsel, that would be moi, we (that would be I) determined that it would be imprudent to name an TV show after the blog. I’m already busy enough jotting of scathingly sarcastic responses to the ignorant interns from US News and World Report to educate them about copyright, licensing and fair use.We could likely get away with it, but why borrow trouble? Plus if this thing takes off and replaces Oprah and Tyra (BWAHAHAA!) in 2012. We don’t want to box ourselves in…

More information at the blog, but here is something about what and who runs Michelle Obama Watch (MOW).

Michelle Obama Watch was founded by Gina McCauley and is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteer bloggers. Since the election of President Obama the mission of Michelle Obama Watch has not changed much. We are still committed to commenting on news about First Lady Michelle Obama, Mrs Robinson, and the weeMichelles. Michelle Obama Watch is a repository of all things Michelle Obama. If it has anything to do with the First Lady, you can read about it on Michelle Obama Watch.

During the election season, there were a few blogs like MOW that stood up against smears about Michelle Obama, especially regarding comments that she made about being proud of her country, and those were attributed to her, but never proved, about her true feelings about whites.

Be sure that MOW is going to continue the same thing on television. Their first air date will be March 1, 2010. Check your listings in your city/town and if anything, query your television stations whether they are going to pick up Our East Wing.

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