That Vick’s Nyquil Commercial With the Deep Sleepers

If you want to know, the brother’s name is Dion. He comes up second, and near the conclusion full body shot.

I’m putting the 30-second spot up, but I’m sure 20-second snippets of this commercial is playing all over, and have been for at least a couple of months. You’ve certainly seen one of these people sleeping deep and looking absolutely unlovely sleeping their asses off after getting some relief from their cold and flu symptoms. I was expecting any time some slobber dribbling from a corner of their lips, that’s how real this looks.

This commercial gives an equal opportunity for all people to look unattractive as they sleep. The sun ain’t shining through the curtains. There’s no make-up at all that I can see. And I can imagine how mossy-breathed they are, too. Phew..!

These people are hardly wearing beautiful nightgowns, negligeés and other sleepwear. They’re wearing whatever suits them. They look unshaven and disheveled. Big bellies are growing out from under their sleepwear.

They crowd against their wives and husbands to the point where they are almost out of the bed. There are hairy chests, and no doubt, hairy backs. It was obviously filmed in the spring and summer, because ain’t no way people are going to sleep this soundly with the weather as it is outside without central heating and at least, one blanket.

By the way, if you were wondering, snoring is a bad sign of health:

New studies associate loud “snoring” with the development of carotid artery atherosclerosis and the risk of stroke. Researchers hypothesize that loud snoring creates turbulence in carotid artery blood flow closest to the airway. Generally speaking, increased turbulence irritates blood cells and has previously been implicated as a cause of atherosclerosis.

So we can laugh at these folks, and swill some Nyquil ourselves when it’s our turn to get sick, but if you sound like some of these characters, best go see a doctor for some help. This part of the commercial really ain’t funny.

~ by blksista on January 2, 2010.

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