Raw Tiger on February 2009 Cover of “Vanity Fair” w/Update

Tiger Woods Raw

Tiger Woods, on the cover of the February 2010 "Vanity Fair." Really, I think that this is adding to his troubles, but who knows? He has only one way to go, and that is up once more (Courtesy: VF)

Yup, it’s by house photographer Annie Leibovitz, and there’s an article that accompanies it.

The article is here. Unfortunately, it rehashes the rumor that Tiger may have taken performance-enhancing drugs.

The author acknowledges that it is only a rumor, and that there is no evidence, but he practically says that since Tiger is now distrusted and under a dark cloud, it’s probably likely. Um, innocent until proven guilty, please. Even the Canadian authorities say that he is in the clear, and that they are chasing how the doctor may have gotten the drugs, not users.

Not yet.

Folks, the shoot was done BEFORE the jumpoffs came out of the woodwork. I cannot believe this bad timing.

One commenter over at Womanist Musings says that Tiger did these photographs four years ago, long before he married Elin and had the babies, but still seeing his jumpoffs.

This is beginning to seem like one of those co-inky-dinks, like when Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America 1984, and the second runner-up, Suzette Charles, just happened to be black, too. I still wonder whether the pageant people knew something was up, and only ditched Vanessa when the incriminating lesbian S & M photos came out. Charles was there like an insurance policy against a fck-up.

In this case, Leibovitz did these photos, but the mag held them back. Like an insurance policy. Or maybe some wish fulfillment on some editor’s part. The photographer who shot Vanessa Williams and the other woman, a white model, held back those provocative photos as well, until he decided that he could make a fortune on the first black Miss America. I remember someone saying that “they couldn’t wait, they couldn’t wait” until Williams’ reign was over. I remember how Williams was pilloried and shamed–and turned black, just like Tiger. The resulting scandal made Williams begin to claim an identity that she had been “taught” to despise.

It may mean the same outcome for Tiger Woods.

If the general public and Tiger’s fan base didn’t know about Tiger’s goings on, the rarified famous and not-quite-famous, media and celebrity and acting circles in which Tiger circulated probably did know something. And didn’t say anything. Or didn’t care.

Remember, he paid The Enquirer not to say anything about his cheating a couple of years back. But TMZ is not the kind to be bought off.

Like I said, to me, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that this looks more than just a coincidence. However, he didn’t have to crash his SUV, either.

He’s looking like a thug in this cover photo. A thug, I said at another blog, in prison. A hard guy pumping up. In fact, da folx are wondering exactly when he busted out of Oz. After the day is almost over, I’m quite sure now that I don’t like this, though I wasn’t when I first put it up. Yet it makes me think of Joe Louis, the second black heavyweight boxing champion, and the antithesis of Jack Johnson. You know. That Jack Johnson, who bedded and wedded white women.

Tiger in this photo reminds me of both. Both closed and open at the same time.

It also makes me think that even Louis and Johnson would have had more sense than to pose for this kind of thing, Annie Leibovitz be damned.

What do you think?

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