Police and Sheriff’s Deputies Combine to Search Large Expanse of Lost Hills-Malibu Canyon Area Where Mitrice Richardson Disappeared

Mitrice Richardson Flyer

Mitrice Richardson's missing person flyer; the LAPD and the LASD are joining forces to find her on Saturday, January 9 (Courtesy: GoogleImages)

This time, it will be a thorough search by both L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies and the L.A. cops. The authorities will not be requesting volunteers from the public. This is a serious development.

From the Malibu Surfside News:

The County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the City of Los Angeles Police Department will join forces for a major field search of the greater Lost Hills/Malibu Canyon area on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 9, for the Watts woman who disappeared after being released from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on Sept. 17.

LAPD Detective Steven Eguchi told the Malibu Surfside News on Tuesday that representatives of the two agencies met last week to set the date and specifics for the search, which will include county search and rescue crews who took part in the massive effort undertaken two weeks after Mitrice Richardson went missing.

Richardson, who was preparing to begin substitute teaching and doctoral work in clinical psychology, mysteriously vanished after reportedly walking out of the Lost Hills station at 12:25 a.m. on Sept. 17, 40 miles from her home. She was alone, inadequately attired for cold weather, and without money, cell phone or means of transportation.

The 24-year-old had been booked on two misdemeanor counts after being placed under citizen’s arrest the evening of Sept. 16 by personnel at Geoffrey’s restaurant for not paying an $89.51 dinner tab. Her speech and behavior were described as “crazy” by people in the restaurant, but when she was taken to Lost Hills, sheriff’s personnel said she was lucid and they had no cause to detain her.

In November, writings found in the woman’s car, which was impounded at the time of her arrest, were interpreted by health professionals as documentation of up to a week of sleep deprivation and possible signs of serious mental illness.

Representative Maxine Waters, who is the Congress member for Richardson’s district, has asked the FBI to initiate an investigation into her disappearance and the circumstances of her arrest and subsequent handling of her booking and release from LASD custody.

FBI Director Robert Mueller has not yet replied to Waters’ request, so bureau personnel are currently not expected to take part in the upcoming search.

Yet Waters is concerned that the L.A. branch of the FBI seemed to take a hands-off, laissez-faire approach to the circumstances surrounding Mitrice’s disappearance as well.

Waters added that “the FBI has the responsibility to pursue cases implicating federal criminal or civil rights statutes [and] I believe the circumstances and facts of this case warrant bureau involvement.”

She reiterates the request “that the FBI open an investigation into Mitrice’s disappearance and the circumstances surrounding her arrest, detention and release from the custody of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station.”

The Surfside News also reported on December 31 that the Change.org online petition to force the FBI into the investigation is climbing steadily towards the 5000 signatures needed.

Bolstering Waters’ request for FBI intervention are the efforts of an online activist group whose concerns include social, economic and criminal justice. Change.org has collected 4277 signatures toward a goal of 5000 signatures on a petition urging state and federal elected and appointed officials to initiate a federal investigation of the Richardson case.

Sign the petition here. It is now up to 4,580 as of this date, January 7.

Sadly, I still believe that she is out there; that is, her bones are out there somewhere in that rugged country.

Pray that they finally find her so that at least her family can find closure. However, when the authorities do find her, look for the sh*t to really hit the fan then. Why? Because it would prove beyond all doubt that the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies from the Agoura-Lost Hills station, in effect, sent her to her death.

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