Meanwhile, Back in Las Vegas: Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor Lawyers Up

Dr. Murray and his patient, Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray and the impatient patient he treated to death, Michael Jackson. Is it going to be involuntary manslaughter? (Courtesy: ET Online)

Thought this was over with? Hardly. Especially when you have TMZ being the first on the case, with every other entertainment and news source as the echo chamber.

The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson has finally concluded, and the findings are being sent to the L.A. District Attorney’s office. No charges have been issued yet, but some sources are certain that cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray, who played anesthesiologist to Michael Jackson without a license, will be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

The physician who injected Michael Jackson with drugs in the hours before his death is to be charged with involuntary manslaughter, with authorities accusing him of negligence in the singer’s overdose.

Dr Conrad Murray, a physician who joined Jackson’s entourage last year to get him fit ahead of a gruelling concert series in London, has been in law enforcement sights since it was revealed he was with the singer when he died in June.

The criminal case, first reported by the Associated Press, comes nearly five months after the Los Angeles county coroner ruled the pop legend’s death was a homicide, finding he was poisoned by an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol. The addictive intravenous drug is typically used in a clinical setting, not in the home.

Murray had been Jackson’s personal physician for about six weeks, and told investigators that another doctor had introduced the singer to the drug, which Jackson called his “milk”. Investigators have said Jackson obtained the drug using several different aliases.

The Thriller singer’s body was also loaded with other drugs, including lorazepam and Valium.

A law enforcement source told the Associated Press that Murray will be prosecuted on a theory of gross negligence. Spokesmen for Murray had no comment, and have said Murray neither prescribed nor administered drugs that should have killed Jackson.

However, a more recent report from Entertainment Weekly had it that the L.A.D.A. was denying the story up and down.

Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the L.A. district attorney’s office, called reports that Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s physician, will be indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter “bogus” when contacted by this afternoon.

In the story originally reported by the Associated Press, another spokeswoman for the L.A. D.A., Sandi Gibbons, was quoted as saying, “no final decision has been made.” Robison stands by that statement. “Nothing has changed,” she told “It’s a bogus report. We don’t have the case.”

Maybe not, but murder one won’t be the charge.

In late June, I had said the following:

At any rate, within weeks, the toxicology report would finalize any coroner’s initial finding that it was an administered, accidental drug overdose that killed Michael Jackson.

But the coroner instead ruled the death a homicide, meaning that there was something–or someone–afoot that killed Michael Jackson, which made a lot of heads trip off the pier. That did not mean conspiracy which is a conclusion some members of the Jackson family would be pleased to accept, with IMG and the Jackson executors John Branca and John McClain as chief conspirators, and Dr. Murray as the hatchet man. Those heads I mentioned subscribe to the LaToya and Joe Jackson points-of-view, but as I said before, it is not that simple, even if you cannot stand the fact that your brother/son didn’t want your mitts on his money.

(IMG, you may notice, also represents the now-embattled Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.)

So it looks–as TMZ is reporting–that the authorities are steering close to my original prediction, that it was an accident, but it was certainly was an accident that didn’t have to happen.

Murray kept introducing more and more drugs into Jackson’s system, rather than taking into consideration that Jackson needed time for these injected drugs to leave his body before starting over, rehearsals or not. So to please his famous impatient patient who wanted to sleep, Murray practically sent him into The Next World rather than slumbers. A qualified anesthesiologist–or clinician–might be able to reconstruct exactly how Murray accidentally killed his golden goose, but I can certainly wait until the trial to get confirmation of this scenario.

Meanwhile, Murray has lawyered up with a criminal attorney who claims to “know” Propofol. Right.

TMZ spoke to J. Michael Flanagan who told us, “I’m probably the only attorney in town that has successfully tried a Propofol case involving death.”

Back in 2004, Flanagan defended a nurse who was accused of wrongly administering the stuff to a patient who later died. The nurse was charged with involuntary manslaughter — the same crime we’re told the D.A. is likely to charge Murray with. But with Flanagan by her side, the nurse was acquitted.

As for Murray’s role in the Michael Jackson case, Flanagan told us, “I am totally unaware of any facts that would give rise to an involuntary manslaughter charge.”

Murray’s primary attorney is still Ed Chernoff.

I’m just wondering where he’s getting the moolah to pay these guys. He returned to work as a cardiologist in late November. He’s also experienced some recent baby mama drama. He now has seven children.

Stay tuned. Give it a couple more weeks. But the L.A.D.A. had better not screw this one up.

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