Haiti: Four Hurricanes and Now an Earthquake. Have Mercy.

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The man in the picture above was able to rescue his daughter. Whole families, though, have been decimated. (As usual, place your mouse over the photo and see the caption.)

Haiti was and ever will be the first Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere, the only nation in history to have been created by its own liberated slaves. Its very existence made Thomas Jefferson shake in his boots. And yet Haiti has undergone its own post-colonial episodes, with several European nations, including the United States, occupying the country for debts and for social as well as civil disorders. Its Creole elite has exploited as well as feared the teaming lower classes who got their hands dirty and could not even dream of European holidays.

It is the stepchild of the United States–indeed, the world. Along with Bangladesh, it is one of the poorest nations on the entire planet.

But they have next to nothing compared to us, and they need our help: food, water, shelter, blood, medicine.

Port au Prince is the capital of Haiti. Two million people live there. A quarter of its population may be gone. The countryside is undergoing ecological collapse. People manage to crawl out of the rubble only to die. The dead, as I speak, are lining the streets, as the walking living and the injured are milling and lying about without food, water or medical care. There is the danger of aftershocks, tsunamis, falling buildings and flying concrete and bricks, land slides, and cholera.

If you give even $5, you’re doing good.

Text “Yele” (Yele Haiti, Wyclef Jean’s group) to 501501 to donate $5, $10.

Reputable organizations beyond the Red Cross, an organization people tend to distrust since Katrina and other natural disasters:

Haitian Health Foundation, 860-886-4357
Hope for Haiti, 239-434-7183
Direct Relief, 805-964-4767
Oxfam, 800-776-9326
The Salvation Army, 800-725-2769

If you are skeptical or leery of some groups asking for money, try Charity Navigator and don’t get scammed. Another source to combat charity scams is the American Institute of Philanthropy through its website, CharityWatch.

Phone number for Americans to check on family in Haiti: 888-407-4747. Keep trying despite a busy signal, and you may get a pre-recorded message.

They also need prayer, so in any language and in any creed or faith, pray for Haiti and its people.

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