Tiger Spotted at Mississippi Sex Addiction Clinic

Okay, now yall know where he is.

He’s not sailing off to the Caribbean on his yacht with some choice pals and taking in the sights, as well as more women. He’s not in Arizona. He’s not holed up at his Florida estate. He’s not out partying with Rachel Uchitel. He’s not in South Africa.

He may be this mustachioed and stubbly-bearded young black man over at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, MS. Or he may not be.

Tiger Woods at sex clinic?

This fuzzy photograph is reportedly of Tiger Woods at the Mississippi sex addiction clinic. Or is this just another game of "Where's Waldo?" (Courtesy: Radar.com)

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, who has written about and been treated for sex addiction, subsequently claimed in his blog to have confirmation from an unnamed source at Pine Grove.

The author of America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life and a contributor to the New York Times magazine, Denizet-Lewis has since pulled the item and expressed regret for having named the facility, which has become the subject of international news.

However, he has not retracted his confirmation, saying he hopes to raise public awareness.

“It’s easy to be flippant about sex addiction,” he blogged Wednesday. “It’s harder to cover it with intelligence and a modicum of respect. My hope is that we can get there.”

Yeah, but exposing him in this way makes it more a tabloid story than a story that gets empathy for Tiger’s plight. Sometimes these people are like jackals.

Amid new reports that Tiger is returning to the golf tours this spring, some other golfers have expressed fears that Tiger’s presence on the course would bring in the tabloid press, thus turning some matches into “a circus.” Give me a break. They’re putting this all on Tiger. Some of these golf matches do turn out to be circuses, whether or not Tiger Woods is there. I would say that the management and security details of the golf courses in question, as well as the tournament representatives and network or cable sponsors, have got to start drawing lines in the sand first about how the tabloids will cover any golf meets with Tiger in them, so that it doesn’t affect the golfers or the general environment there. That’s all that they really need to do. Lay down that law HARD.

If this is Tiger Woods in Mississippi, there is a reason why he chose this facility. Again, it’s under the radar, private, and not well-known.

Seems Tiger Woods’ decision to check himself in to the Pine Grove Behavioral Center in Hattiesburg, Miss., came after a lot of research — conducted mostly online by the golf champion and his closest advisers.

That research led them to conclude Dr. Patrick Carnes — and his ”gentle path” treatment programs — had the best chance at working for Woods’ sexual addiction issues. Carnes has been a nationally recognized leader in the treatment of sexual addiction since the late 1980s, and has authored a half-dozen books on the subject. Woods did his digging into the subject while hiding out at a friend’s Long Island estate.

Before going to Pine Grove, Carnes had been the clinical director at the Meadows rehab facility in Wickenberg, Ariz. However, a big appeal to Woods of the Mississippi clinic was the fact it is somewhat under the radar for the media — unlike Meadows or the other big celeb-centric facility Promises, in Malibu, Calif.

Doesn’t look like a situation in which Tiger is calling attention to himself.

I’ve also read where some experts are suggesting that Tiger may not have an addiction to sex but more an addiction to love. Some people may not think that this is so bad, but in many cases, it is. It’s more likely that more people will think that the multiracial Tiger, also a black man, would be a sex addict. I mean, how much easier to judge black male sexuality to think that all black men are sex addicts as well as sex machines, when it is a bit more complicated than that, and always has been.

And oh, yeah. Haiti. Apparently Tiger is concerned about Haiti and is stocking a jumbo jet full of food and medical supplies for the island nation. He is planning on visiting Haiti after he leaves rehab and before he returns to professional golfing.

Tiger’s also reading about Buddhist and Christian spirituality. Nothing that Brit Hume should be concerning himself with, though. This guy had the nerve to cajol Tiger to come to Jesus simply because Buddhism, Hume felt, wasn’t a way to find divine grace. Um, I wouldn’t find Jesus or any other prophet or enlightened one through someone who may have driven his own gay son to alcoholism and suicide because Hume wouldn’t accept his son’s homosexuality. Might have Tiger jumping out of windows next. However Tiger comes to a state of self-acceptance, love, forgiveness and grace is thoroughly up to him. For some people, it’s a lifelong journey.

Okay, now that yall know where he is–and I mean the tabs and gossip mavens–then let him go to heal.

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  1. Human or any living being wants love, recognition and power. When any of the desires gets depressed the natural or animal way of releasing pressure gets activated.When even the nature can’t sustain the healthy state of mind perversion can happen in any form. A balanced approach towards life is needed, with no harmful extremism. Roam around coast in yacht or have fun with friends….. All is just well and healthy unless it forms an addiction.


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