Latest on Shaniya Davis Case: McNeill Had Sexually Explicit Photos of a Black Child on His Cell Phone

Shaniya Davis

Shaniya Davis, in a fuzzy photograph taken around 2007; her assailant, Mario Andrette McNeill, had photos of a young black female below the age of 10 on his cell phone (Courtesy: WTVD 11)

Did my Google searches and came up with this story that was reported last week in the Fayetteville Observer:

Police investigating the disappearance of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis found explicit pictures of a child on a phone belonging to the suspect in the child’s murder, according to unsealed court documents.

Mario Andrette McNeil’s phone was seized by police after his arrest Nov. 19, the warrants say. The Fayetteville man is charged with kidnapping, raping and murdering Shaniya.

Search warrants in the case were unsealed this week by a Cumberland County Superior Court judge. According to an affidavit attached to one warrant, Detective Jason Sondergaard “observed photographs of a sexually explicit nature and some of the photographs appeared to be that of a female juvenile under 10 years of age.”

The warrant says Sondergaard contacted a doctor who specializes in developmental and forensics pediatrics to help identify the approximate age of the girl in the photographs. A precise age could not be determined..

But the doctor confirmed that the explicit photos were of a young black girl.

Shaniya, who was black, was reported missing by her mother, who lived in a trailer park off Murchison Road. Video footage from a Sanford motel showed McNeil carrying the child into the motel on the morning she disappeared. Shaniya’s body was later found in woods near Sanford. Her mother has been charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge E. Lynn Johnson ordered nine search warrants unsealed Monday. The documents had been sealed since mid-November at the request of Fayetteville police, who thought the information could compromise the investigation.

The warrants covered searches of cameras and computers belonging to McNeil and Shaniya’s mother, Antoniette Davis, along with searches of McNeil’s home, two cell phones, a GPS system and two searches of Davis’ trailer on Sleepy Hollow Drive.

The photo of the little black girl, though, may not have been of Shaniya. If it had been Shaniya, they would have definitely said so. The cell phone photos need to be blown up and analyzed. Shaniya’s young brother who lived with her was also interviewed. From WRAL:

Shaniya’s 7-year-old brother also told investigators that a man with dreadlocks whom he didn’t recognize was in the family’s home the night before Shaniya was abducted, according to the warrants. McNeill had dreadlocks at the time of his arrest.

The boy, soon after he saw the man with dreadlocks, heard “stomping noises,” according to the interview.

The photograph means several things. One, that O’Neill was into little girls. Two, that he knew where to go to get these kinds of pictures. It could have been a child that lived in Fayetteville, anywhere in the state or in the country. Three, as I said before, this secret practice is in our community, among even our friends, acquaintances, and families. Don’t even say this is just a white people’s thing. It is everywhere, in every community. People selling photographs of their children, or of other people’s children or even worse, pimping their children.

In a related story, reports of child abuse cases in Cumberland County, N.C., where Shaniya lived, have gone up 32 percent since the Shaniya Davis case burst onto the nation’s consciousness. People are seeing things, or parents and other relatives are reporting things. However, this story also shows that the Department of Social Services there was underreporting cases of child abuse as well:

Brenda Reid Jackson, the county’s social services director, told [DSS Board Chairman Chester G.] Oehme on Wednesday that an increase in child abuse isn’t unusual during or after a recession.

“When you see an economic downturn, we will see families in increased stress,” Jackson said. “We tend to see an increase in abuse.”

In the six-month period, her department logged reports of 3,647 children who may have been abused or neglected.

In July, the DSS had 513 reports. The monthly number of children reported to be in potentially harmful situations generally rose during the summer and fall, hitting 678 children in December.

The number of children whose abuse or neglect was substantiated by county social workers fluctuated during the six-month period, peaking in August at 57 youngsters.

In December, however, 92 children were deemed to be in need of county services as a result of abuse inquiries, the highest number during the six months.

On January 28, the Department of Social Services Board met behind closed doors. The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) agents have not given the DSS a date when their investigation of the agency will end, so expect that that it will be ongoing until further notice. At the same time, the Board decided that they will not make any statements about the Shaniya Davis case until they are given the SBI’s final report.

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4 Responses to “Latest on Shaniya Davis Case: McNeill Had Sexually Explicit Photos of a Black Child on His Cell Phone”

  1. This case is so devastating. Apparently now, Shaniya’s so-called mother is out on bond. I cannot believe that she is out. She must be in hiding, because so many people want her dead.

    Why is this case being kept under the radar? Shaniya’s death upset so many people, yet there seems to be a media blackout.


  2. This beautiful angel could be my youngest daughters identical twin – I have been literally ill over this case and still cry at night when I say my prayers for her and those that really loved her, were touched by her. I just need to say one thing – ANYONE who hurts a child in ANY WAY needs to be tortured for eternity….these monsters need to be dealt with as the monsters they are.
    Sweet Shaniya I know you have finally found the peace and love you deserve with our God but precious babygirl I am still so so so sorry for what you endured. Please everyone PLEASE do not forget this angel and so many others that were taken from this earth by the acts of demons living among us. Please love and cherish your children, all children and if you think for a moment- even a moment that a child may be in harms way DO SOMETHING!! These innocent children need our voices!
    Sweet Angel Shaniya never will you be forgotten


  3. I have never been as affected by a case as I am by this one…no child should…


  4. I still think of this child daily and pray for her justice. I believe Shaniya was an angel sent here from God to open our hearts, eyes and minds to help prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. I cannot wait for Ms. Davis and Mr. McNeil to receive the punishment they deserve. I have never believed in the death penalty but these two are more than deserving of such a thing. For once I’m relieved there’s a hell for these two to rot in. Rest in peace sweet child…you will never be forgotten!


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