Dr. Conrad Murray’s Arrest: I’ll Believe It When I See It

TMZ and ‘nem are going crazy over the news that Dr. Conrad Murray is set to be arrested and arraigned for manslaughter in connection with the death of singer Michael Jackson. I’m not. They’re saying he’s going to be arrested this week. No, Wednesday. Now, it’s Friday. It could be today for all we know. If anything, what is believable is that the man is in L.A., with the cops watching his every move. He’s at his latest baby mama’s address, according to TMZ. He was supposed to be in court in Las Vegas over some other financial shenanigans, and the judge had to call him in default and award the case to his creditors. Well, they can’t collect if he’s in the slam or close to it.

Just stay tuned. When it’s announced, with the perp walk recorded with the one pool camera for all of the media, I’ll have a few things to say. Otherwise, I am dropping back from The Stupid.

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~ by blksista on February 4, 2010.

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