The Ain’ts They Aren’t – Saints Win The Super Bowl

Yes, I popped the champagne cork, especially after this play by Tracy Porter. As the Niners have “The Catch” made by Dwight Clark, the Saints will probably have “The Interception” to look back on as the beginning of everything:

They fought hard for New Orleans, and it may indeed be raining today in the Crescent City, with many nursing gargantuan hangovers, hoarse throats, and aching feet. However, it is not raining in many of the hearts of those who are still hanging on there after Katrina.

No more paper bags. Hell has indeed frozen over.

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Drew Brees wasn’t like Broadway Joe Namath of the Jets forty-one years ago, but he was just as adamant that he and his guys, like Garrett Hartley, Jonathan Casillas, Jeremy Shockley, Thomas Morstead, Chris Reis, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, were going to win his one, while the whole nation appeared to be in Indianapolis’ corner.

The Saints were five point underdogs. I mean, haven’t the Colts learned anything in the intervening years? Blah dee blah, Peyton Manning is the king of the world, blah dee blah. CBS’ Katie Couric essentially asked Drew Brees whether he and the guys should even show up because they were going to lose. Peyton had his bloodlines and years of being pumped up as a paragon by the media and the sports hierarchy.

Drew wasn’t anybody until he became Somebody with the Saints and with the people of New Orleans. That game was won chiefly by heart, and some may say, by heart alone.

New Orleans, you’re gonna make it, no matter what. And now, you’re king of the world, from biting the biggest king cake of them all.

Who Dat?

~ by blksista on February 8, 2010.

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