And So It Begins: Dr. Conrad Murray Surrenders for Arraignment; Joe and LaToya Still Insist It’s Murder

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One thing is for sure, unless he’s incapacitated or dies, sticky-fingered Joe Jackson is going to be on Larry King or any other cable news joint that gives him a mic and a forum. Expect LaToya, Randy, Jermaine, or any of those under-employed middle-aged brothers special guesting on HLN or Nancy Grace, too. And the accusations will have little basis in fact. It will all be about loosening the grip of the conservators of Michael’s estate, and holding management firm AEG responsible for his death, but I doubt whether it will work, unless Dr. Murray actually confesses to exactly what they believe. It won’t happen. And the longer it goes, through the preliminary hearings and then the trial, the worse it will get. From the bizarre to the creepy to the contemptible. Sorry, but I think even TMZ isn’t drinking this Kool Aid.

“I was looking for justice, and justice, to me, would be a murder charge,” Joe Jackson told King.

Prosecutors charged Murray, who was Jackson’s personal physician, with causing the pop star’s death “without malice” by acting “without due caution and circumspection.”

Murray was with the pop star when he died on June 25, 2009.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled Jackson’s death a homicide, resulting from a combination of drugs, primarily propofol — a powerful anesthesia — and lorazepam.

Joe Jackson suggested it was more than a doctor making a fatal judgment.

“To me, he’s just a fall guy” Jackson said. “There’s other people, I think, involved with this whole thing. But I think that [if] he’s interrogated — he would come clean and tell everything he knows.”

He said Michael Jackson told his mother, as he was preparing for his comeback concerts in London, England last year, that he thought he would be killed.

“He was afraid to even do all of these shows, because he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a chance to finish all of the show,” Joe Jackson said. “He couldn’t do all those shows back-to-back. Even his kids say that he had told them that he would be murdered.”

Um, I wouldn’t pin all my hopes on one witness–and the one who allegedly caused Michael’s death–to ‘fess up to a conspiracy so immense. As I said in previous articles about a murder one charge against Dr. Murray, it is much harder to prove. One cannot go on a hunch. And after being burned on several high-level murder cases, Los Angeles County prosecutors don’t want to eff this one up–not after O.J., Robert Blake, and Phil Spector. The weeks-long delay in formally charging Dr. Murray came about because the District Attorney’s office didn’t want to tip too much of their hand to the L.A.P.D., touching off a big time feud between the two law enforcement agencies.

It’s a nightmare scenario, that Michael would even tell his children that he was afraid that he would be killed. But by whom? In earlier stories, Joe claimed that the schedule that his son’s handlers had arranged for him was too grueling, and that Michael was afraid that he would break or die from the strain. However, as the coroner’s report states, Michael was relatively healthy. With proper care and rest–and without his quacks and his usual drug connections–I think that Michael would have been able to do it, but carefully. So…which is it, Joe? Natural or contrived death? It’s so easy to turn a word from Michael dying to Michael being killed. But that’s Joe Jackson, mind manipulator extraordinaire.

That big mouth attorney of his who probably smells profits, Brian Oxman, made a few overly dramatic comments, too.

At the same time, I have also read that Michael wanted his children to see him perform before he died, so that they would come to share and appreciate what he meant to his fans. I hope that Michael didn’t flip out and tell Paris and the two Princes that he was afraid that he was going to die or that someone was trying to kill him. It seems like a paranoid version of stage fright, something children wouldn’t be able to quite understand and would really take seriously as a death threat. It also sounds like drug-induced paranoia, too. However, I would understand if Prince I would stand horrified and frozen thinking someone hurt his dad while the doctor tried to revive his father on the bed on that terrible day.

Joe Jackson wants to ignore facts in his fight to get some of Michael’s money. Michael chose Dr. Murray as his personal doctor. Michael chose Frank DiLeo and AEG, some of the same guys who helped him to prominence years ago. He also chose to cut his father out of the will as well as the rest of his family. Hard cheese, but it is what it is.

From the L. A. Times:

The 51-page coroner’s office report of Jackson’s June 25 death suggests that to prove manslaughter, prosecutors, who worked closely with the office’s medical investigators and experts in building a criminal case, will focus on Murray’s use of the operating-room anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid.

The coroner’s office previously said Jackson died from “acute propofol intoxication” in combination with the use of sedatives. The report released Monday went further, describing the level of anesthetic as enough to render a patient unconscious for “major surgery.”

Murray told investigators that Jackson, 50, was a chronic insomniac who had depended for years on propofol — a white liquid the singer called “milk” — to sleep, according to police affidavits filed in court. But an anesthesiologist consulted by the coroner’s office wrote in the report that she knew of “NO reports of its use for insomnia relief.”

“The only reports of its use in homes are cases of fatal abuse . . . suicide, murder and accident,” Dr. Selma Calmes wrote.

She added that because of the risk of respiratory or cardiac side effects, propofol should be administered only by anesthesiologists or others trained to recognize those complications. “Full patient monitoring is required any time propofol is given,” she wrote.

The setup in Jackson’s bedroom did not include proper monitoring or precise dosing equipment, and an oxygen tank at his bedside was empty, according to the report.

In addition, Murray acknowledged leaving Jackson alone and under the influence of the drug for what he said was a two-minute visit to the restroom, according to police affidavits.

Whether Murray was negligent in administering propofol to Jackson will probably be the central dispute in his involuntary manslaughter prosecution, experts say.

Prosecutors do not have to prove Murray acted with malice or intent, only that the death occurred during an “unlawful act not amounting to a felony” or during a lawful act performed “without due caution and circumspection.” It is the least serious homicide charge available to prosecutors, its maximum punishment of four years in prison far less than the life sentence for murder or the 11 years for voluntary manslaughter.

Thing is, Michael Jackson wanted his “milk,” even by extra-legal means. He found the kind of doctor who would give it to him.

Some make a big damn deal over the fact that AEG had insurance on Michael Jackson that allegedly covered possible drug addiction or accidental drug overdose. That policy was supposed to be a motive in the “murder” of the singer. Unfortunately for these fantasists, the Lloyds of London policy may be worthless to the management company.

The Lloyd’s of London policy — taken out by AEG in case Jackson didn’t perform his London concerts — did not cover death related to illegal drug use. According to the policy, obtained by the L.A. Times, “This insurance does not cover any loss directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed, to, by or resulting from … the illegal possession or illicit taking of drugs and their effects.”

[…] And, according to the Times, the policy only covered losses as the result of an accident. The only way the policy would have covered death is if a second physical had been performed on Jackson — and it wasn’t. And, even if a second physical was performed, it almost certainly would not cover the circumstances surrounding Jackson’s death.

The policy covered $17.5 million. AEG reportedly claims it’s in the hole $30 mil.

UPDATE: Sources familiar with the insurance policy tell us … if proceeds are recovered they would all go directly to Jackson’s estate. We’re told Katherine was given a copy of the policy yesterday.

We’re also told the physical performed on Michael back in early February in connection with the policy was hand-picked by the insurance company — not AEG. Our sources say the 4-hour exam — which was performed in L.A. by Dr. David Slavit — included blood work. The policy was issued in mid-April.

We haven’t heard much about the underground illegal prescription drug trade among Hollywood stars and musicians, and what pharmacies might be exposed for this trafficking since Jackson’s death. We haven’t heard much about Jackson’s other ‘doctors’ who gave him prescriptions for questionable maladies. Those are some of the missing holes in this investigation: the real people around Michael Jackson who fed his paranoia and his prescription drug habit, and why he refused to get qualified assistance and to completely clean up.

The introduction of such testimony and evidence would quash for good any kind of conspiracy theories that some sinister cabal murdered Michael Jackson.

Stay tuned.

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