Did the Earth Move Under Your Feet? 4.3 Magnitude Illinois Earthquake Felt in Milwaukee and Kenosha

No one reported the quake here in Mad City, although some are reporting the jolt elsewhere, which lasted a little more than 15 seconds.

Amazing world we live in. It’s alive.

Location of 4.3 quake

The 4.3 quake was barely felt by some; others were jolted awake at 4:00 a.m. (The star indicates the epicenter.) The intensity was also felt as far as Kenosha and Milwaukee in Wisconsin above the state line (Courtesy: USGS)

A magnitude 4.3 earthquake hit northern Illinois early Wednesday morning.

The quake struck at 3:59 a.m. about five miles from Sycamore in DeKalb County. The quake could be felt as far away as Chicago… 50 miles from the epicenter.

Some residents reporting to Fox 6 in Milwaukee felt it in burgs like Burlington, Mukwonago, Racine, and Menomenee Falls, WI. Only one, at this writing, said that their family felt it in Madison. Me, I didn’t feel a thing. There was no real damage reported, just a few scared babies and jittery adult nerves.

People naturally think that it’s only places like California, which anticipates the Big One on its vaunted San Andreas Fault, that would get ‘quakes. Um, when I was in upstate New York, one Sunday morning I was shaken awake by a tremor. I knew it was real when the crockery started to crash into the sink in the kitchen downstairs. I thought I was past that stuff. I wasn’t. Ohio gets quakes. Illinois gets quakes. New York gets quakes. Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, Alabama, New Jersey, Maine, Arkansas, Wyoming, Montana all have had earthquakes. Ain’t no hiding place down here.

The Midwest has its own version of the San Andreas Fault: the New Madrid. It is located at the junction of three states: Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. Mark Twain wrote about it decades after quakes and aftershocks in 1811-1812 leveled settlements and cities, and literally changed the flow of the Mississippi. The magnitude is commonly believed to have been a 7.2. Some say it was actually an 8. The force of the initial quake was felt 1200 miles away. There is controversy right now about the eventuality of the New Madrid playing its own version of snap the whip within the next few years.

Well, we are still digging out from the snowfall, and that’s the thing people are most concerned about. There have been up to 15 inches reported in various parts of the Madison area. The East Coast, though, is catching pure hell. My feeling: one catastrophe at a time.

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