Mitrice’s Family Instigating Simultaneous Search on Sunday, March 28–But the Cops Are Not Involved


The last known photograph of Mitrice Richardson before she disappeared on September 17--and it was her mug shot. What did she see? (Courtesy: Monie on the Outside)

The family of Mitrice Richardson has called for a simultaneous search for the 24-year-old woman who disappeared nearly six months ago from the Malibu-Lost Hills Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with no ID, no cell phone and no transportation. It will be held on March 28–but apparently, the authorities will not be involved.

From Anne Soble’s latest column:

Richardson’s mother, Latice Sutton, and a circle of relatives and friends plan to send seven search teams in groups of five or more to Malibu, Calabasas, Santa Monica,Venice, Hollywood, Skid Row and the South Central area on the same day.

According to a family spokesperson, “We have been searching these areas, but never all at once. So this will be the biggest volunteer one-day search yet.”

The group says additional volunteers are welcome and needed. Those who want to participate can email: for further information.

However, the article made no mention of the possibility that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would join the search, along with the L.A.P.D., and use a drone–an unmanned plane that would take high resolution photographs and video of canyon terrain, even close-ups.

According to Charles Croft, a videographer who has been working with the mother’s family, “the [Viz Center] drone has the capability of going down into canyons and can search better than any helicopter. It is not affected by winds as much and can fly extremely low to obtain very high resolution, close-up images and video.”

Croft said the drone, also known as a “bird.” has already been used in a number of missing person searches, and law enforcement “and the drone people are set to use the aircraft soon.” He added, “The drone has discovered people and [skeletal] remains in about seven different instances when large searches failed.”

It seems as if this time, they are on their own.

There has been a revelatory incident recently regarding how much the other sheriff’s deputies at the Malibu-Lost Hills Station knew about what had transpired that night. It seems that silence–or a pattern of disinformation–has enveloped the sheriff’s department since Mitrice Richardson’s disappearance. And they’re beginning to smell a rat.

The group also reports being told about an encounter of a person from Monte Nido running near Las Virgenes Road last week with a sheriff’s deputy “who said that [the Lost Hills deputies] have been told the reason [Richardson] is missing is that her mother did not want to come and pick her up.” They add that “even now they do not get the straight story.”

Just why do they have the need to lie? Because that is what this is. Lying. Even to those deputies who were not involved. They lied about not having videotapes. Latice Sutton didn’t give up on her daughter; she was not given the right time or information with which to take her daughter home. Even her recorded calls to the police station back her up.

If the other deputies are feeling that they’re not getting straight answers from higher-ups, just like the Richardson family, you best believe right now that something did happen the night of September 17-18.

Additionally, on February 15, Latice Sutton asked that the L.A.P.D. transfer Mitrice’s case back to Detective Kristin Merrill, the original missing person/homicide detective. There has been no reply as yet from this law enforcement agency. Moreover, Sutton has not received an answer to her request from Captain Tom Martin that the videos of her daughter be released as he had promised in that now infamous interview he and Sheriff Lee “by the book” Baca gave to Sutton, her sister, Dr. Ronda Hampton, and Charles Croft in early February, saying that Mitrice was dead and that they should get over it.

Remember, Martin and others had insisted that there were no videotapes; instead, Martin had had them sequestered and locked in his desk at the sheriff’s station. They would not be released, said family friend Charles Croft, until they were edited. Croft thought that they might be edited to obscure a person or persons’ identity and so to protect their privacy, especially that of the black woman civilian jailer, Sharon Cummings, who has since refused to make a public statement about what happened that night.

But I sense something ominous in their withholding the tapes. And if they continue to withhold the tapes. And if those tapes are edited so as to obscure exactly what happened in the sheriff’s station–like Nixon’s 18-and-a-half minute gap on an important Watergate audiotape. Instead of allaying suspicion, these cops are heightening it. Coming clean would help them only if there is nothing to hide. They aren’t coming clean, and so they are hiding something.

Family members want to try to get the dogs used on the two Southland cases involved in their search efforts.

They stress that they “are very upset with the lack of communication, interest and action by the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

Add to that, the Justice Department, the FBI and possibly Representative Maxine Waters, too.

Makes one wonder what exactly is wrong here.

There’s no justice yet for Mitrice Richardson.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ve thought a lot about Mitrice the past weeks while listening to news coverage of teen recently who went missing while jogging.


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