Winston Bennett: Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Sex

Too hot to trot': Ex-Kentucky star fired after slew of sexist emails

Ninety women a month. Or nearly that. Or even more. Or probably much less.

Somehow, on second thought, I’m not quite believing the number.

Winston Bennett never became a basketball star like Magic or Kobe, although he had plenty of skills. Instead, he compensated for that elusive stardom in a big way.

He had sex with as many women as he could. Every day, any hour. And without a condom. Even after he married his wife, who has been with him for over 20 years. He was faithful to Peggy Bennett for one day, and then went back to his jumpoffs.

He ended up giving his wife two sexually-transmitted diseases.

This supposedly is to show that Tiger Woods‘ recent woes are not an anomaly. Unfortunately, what makes me uneasy about this display is that it is a few black men who have been spotlighted in this manner. This kind of addiction is not the sole province of black men. All men are prone to this addiction.

I don’t doubt that some white guys who are in sports also manage to trawl for free nooky or worse, as in the case of Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who for the second time has been accused of rape. Some, I would not doubt, became sex addicts, too. I don’t have to talk about the groupie, road wife or band aide phenomenon for rock stars and other celebrities. But I don’t think that we hear about that as much as incidents involving black male athletes. TV shows like The Game also manage to talk about the dark side of pro-athletics that involve women who relentlessly follow players for sex.

With Bennett, black men once again are being shown using women like people with the sniffles who reach for Kleenex. And why not? It goes back to and reinforces the view of black male as sexual stud, for it wasn’t just white men who forcibly impregnated black girls and women to increase “the stock.” Certain black males were forced to become like stallions to certain black women who would become like mares. And don’t think that those couplings were consenting or were about love and respect. They weren’t. Not always.

Some slave traders or slave owners would bring physically-bred, good-looking black men around plantations in their area or county to impregnate female slaves for a price. The females would see these men a couple of times a year, or once and then never again. And if a black male stud ever happened to find affection with a black woman or wanted to be faithful and wanted to jump the broom with her, that affection was not always good news to the masters. Sometimes it was savagely discouraged. As a slave, a stud’s seed was just as much as important–or economically viable–as his body, and probably more so. His mind and heart was not as welcome.

However, there is a difference between what happened then and now. The difference is that these women–white, black, Latino, or whatever–were willing to have sex with Bennett, anywhere, at any place. They mutually consented. From hookers to students, they brought themselves over to him. They came regularly and constantly for raw, uncomplicated sex with Bennett. They were, for the most part, disinterested in procreation or finding love. And Bennett found more and more reasons to focus on this aspect of his life, rather than his career or even his marriage. Sports by Brooks gives the play-by-play:

Bennett said of his uncontrollable sexual compulsion:

“Three or four women in one day was typical for me. It was like a drug. I had to have more.”

That’s different women in one day.

Bennett later confirmed in the interview that before he was married, he did indeed have sex with upwards of 90 different women per month. After he got married, Bennett said the number of women per month was “half” his previous pace.

Though Bennett said he was faithful to his wife Peggy for “exactly one day,” the two are still somehow together after 20 years. Even after Bennett admitted “dozens” of affairs to her and gave her two sexually-transmitted diseases. (Bennett said he “never” wore a condom.)

But it’s far from a happy ending. Bennett at the end of the interview inexplicably said he’d leave his wife if she cheated on him once.

Peggy Bennett’s reaction: “Does that hurt me as a woman who has shown so much grace and forgiveness? Yes. Absolutely.”

“Never wore a condom” just like Tiger. And Elin Woods married a man she thought would be faithful to her; she repeated her family history by marrying someone who acted like her father.

But get this, Bennett would leave Peggy if she strayed even once.

This cat is an A number one sexist, selfish a-hole. He could screw around any time he wanted, without a condom, with hundreds of women, but if his wife skipped, he would divorce her because he couldn’t take it. How has she been able to take it all these years, you idiot? Man, in this case, possession is not 9/10ths of the law. It’s almost like saying he owns her sexual being, as well as her vagina. The way this guy thinks is not unlike those slave owners and slave traders, and that’s how slavery continues to replicate among us. How about Bennett saying, I don’t think we’re gonna make it, let’s get a divorce because I would rather fck these other women, and that’s how I am, and I’ll provide for you and the kids, and letting her go to find her own way to happiness? He’s the only one who could be a good husband to her and raise the children? Still selfish to the nth degree. The nooky has numbed his faculties and his common sense. I could see it in his eyes: sex addiction is almost like a drug. And the people who are still in its throes are never the same.

Is there a difference between guys experimenting, so to speak, and sex addiction? Yes. Guys who experiment usually have other things to do in the day other than sex. They’re not fixated on sex. They’re interested in the feelings and the differences in women’s responses, and the feelings that these experiences engender in them. Sex addiction is a compulsion. Guys who experiment don’t spend hours and hours looking for quantity to fill their needs.

The ultimate question is, is he still faithful to Peggy Bennett? Will he ever be?

Black Sports Online had this final word about both Mr. and Mrs. Bennett:

You might not like this, but Mrs. Bennett deserves everything she gets. You have to have some serious self esteem issues to stay with a man who readily admits he has been faithful for one day of your marriage.

You have to be a plum fool to stay with someone who readily admits he never uses a condom.

You have to have mental problems to stay with someone who gave you an STD not once, but twice.

You have to be an idiot to be with a man who admits he cheats on your daily, but if you cheated on him once, he would leave you and your kids.

Now, of course, Bennett has claimed for the last three years not to have cheated and I am telling you he is lying. I don’t speak in absolutes, but I am 99% sure he isn’t telling the truth.

Bennett isn’t a man: he is a punk, a bully and he is not very bright to potentially kill himself and his wife by having sex without a condom with random nohos.

He has to have self esteem issues himself to treat the mother of his children so reckless. I mean for goodness sake, if you are going to cheat, at least use a condom.   Do you want your kids to grow up without a father and mother?  How selfish can you be?

I mean this dude got fired from the Celtics for having sex with a woman at the team’s practice facility.

I have a daughter.  If she would ever marry some scum like Bennett, I would be in jail and he wouldn’t be living, and that is a 100% guarantee. (Text altered for grammar changes only.)

It’s just enough not to wish this kind of thing for anyone’s daughter. And I feel sorry for Elin Woods, because it really doesn’t look good for the both of them unless he makes up for his behavior and never goes back to those days. Being a powerful man is not about having as many women as possible. Too bad Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal or Michael Jordan haven’t yet learned that lesson.

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  1. Psychologists are learning that Mrs. B suffers from a form of PTSD. She is wounded and damaged. She has been abused in a way few can imagine. Pure Trauma. Is Elin as much a fool for staying? So many men have cheated like this for centuries and only after women’s empowerment do we now have a name for men acting like “dogs”. What brain scans are telling us is that sex can affect the reward portion of the brain just as cocaine does. But that sex addiction and food addiction are the toughest to beat because food and sex are primal. If you look at our communities one thing becomes clear, many black men medicate with sex & many black women numb with food. This is an oversimplification but there is truth here. And we already know about white men.


  2. So true. I’m tired of these broke (rich men can be broke too-lack of morals, values, and self respect), busted, and disgusted fools. It’s just not okay. He will get what he deserves on judgment day.


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