That Warren Buffett Channels Axl Rose GEICO Video

This is the full length video. I don’t think they’ll have much luck cutting it down to 30 seconds. A minute would be better, though it may not even make it to our television screens. But who cares? It’s been going around the Net like mad.

According to Time Magazine, this video was created by GEICO employees.

Yes, he’s that Warren Buffett who owns Berkshire Hathaway, and also GEICO itself. He often praises President Obama as well. He’s as old as water, but not so old that he cannot promote his own business while poking fun at himself in the process.

From William Freehling at the Chicago Examiner:

Wearing a purple bandanna and a leather jacket with fake tattoos on his forearms, Buffett sings along with Geico associates about the insurer’s customer service.

“We’ll do it all for you,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO sings near the end of the commercial.

This isn’t the first time that Buffett has served as a spokesman of sorts for Geico, which has an $800 million annual advertising budget to drive home its low-cost provider message, according to Buffett’s latest letter to shareholders. Buffett is frequently featured in the company’s print ads.

Buffett loves promoting Berkshire’s products anytime he sees an opportunity. The annual meeting is a huge sales event for Berkshire, with its many products filling the Qwest Center and its shareholder events held at company-owned Nebraska Furniture Mart and Borsheim’s.

Buffett almost always mentions some kind of Berkshire product during his TV interviews. On the recent three-hour interview with CNBC he touted See’s Candies, Coca-Cola, Benjamin Moore paints, Acme Brick and others.

Well, Axl Rose is not one of my favorite singers. But Buffett does love his business, his products and most importantly, his people. Wow, Warren. You go. ;D

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  1. Lovein it!!! The only thing missing is Axl’s stupid dance and the waaaaahhhh wahh at the end….


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