Joe Jackson’s Suit Against Dr. Murray Reveals That Doctors Were Able to Briefly Resuscitate MJ

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I saw this yesterday on CBS’ The Early Show. As much as I loathe Joe Jackson and his foolishness about a conspiracy concocted by AEG and Murray, and his grasping at his late son’s riches, this development certainly means that when Michael Jackson decided to put himself in the hands of a quack to get his “milk” Propofol, he had already put his life in danger. From CNN:

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Medical records showed that Michael Jackson’s heart beat briefly at a hospital emergency room, but he was “long gone” by then, a lawyer for Jackson’s father said.

Joe Jackson’s lawyer mailed a notice over the weekend to Dr. Conrad Murray saying the elder Jackson would file a wrongful death lawsuit against him in 90 days, attorney Brian Oxman said.

“The bottom line is, had [paramedics] gotten there earlier and had they been called right away, chances are he could have been revived,” Oxman said.

Jackson’s father’s lawsuit will accuse Murray, the pop star’s personal physician, of causing his death by delaying the call for an ambulance, Oxman said.

Oxman said records showed that Jackson was “long gone, 20 to 40 minutes before the paramedics got there.”

Jackson, 50, was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center two hours after he arrived there by ambulance from his Holmby Hills, California, home.

Plus, there were allegations that Murray was seen drinking at a club hours before he administered propofol to Michael.

The lawsuit also claims that just hours before Jackson was given the powerful anaesthetic propofol, Murray was seen drinking in a club. “He was having alcoholic beverages,” Oxman said, “the extent of it we do not know, but I can tell you for sure it’s not something you want your doctor to be doing.”

That lizard Oxman said “beverages”–even two drinks might have impaired Dr. Murray from driving, unless he had access to a driver and car from the Jackson mansion. I’m also persuaded that had Murray administered CPR correctly and called the paramedics sooner, instead of sanitizing the bedroom and his so-called reputation, Michael might still be here. But Joe Jackson’s suit isn’t quite about justice and more about building a case of conspiracy, rather than proving negligence, and the extent of Jackson’s reliance on prescription drugs.

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