King Died 42 Years Ago Today

It had been a hot spring day in New Orleans. The screen doors were open. The cicadas rang out on schedule around 5 p.m. Sun had just gone down. I just made fourteen a week or so before. Catholic school wouldn’t be out for another month. And then we were given the shock of our lives.

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Many of the nation’s major cities went up in flames. (New Orleans was an exception.) Smoke from burning buildings in black D.C. began to obscure the Capitol building, and a number of photographs were made from that view. This was after President Johnson said that he would not run for a second term a few days before. I think that he had to forego his trip to Hawaii in order to help to restore order and to placate an enraged black populace.

I miss him very, very, very much. I can forgive his shortcomings, because he was the right man at the right time. In this present atmosphere, or The Smoking Gun might have exposed his extra-marital relationships long ago, if not Hoover’s FBI, so King was supposed to be here at that time. He was a little man who did great, unforgettable things, a little man who was scared, and yet summoned up the courage to do what needed to be done. Ever since his death, we have had no moral center or compass in this nation. And it’s past time that we had one.

~ by blksista on April 4, 2010.

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