Tiger’s Press Conference–The Whole Thing

I was at the doctor’s while this was going on, but you know, I’m more interested in what the brother does on the course in a couple of days rather than rake over the coals once more. That’s nothing but a lose, lose situation, and frankly, it’s now ancient history.

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I mean, screw the jumpoffs, and I don’t mean that literally. Now Oprah’s going to interview Rielle Hunter, who wanted her instead of Baba Wawa because Hunter says that Oprah’s so spiritual. Right. I’ve got a feeling that Baba would have nailed Rielle against a wall, especially about those pictures she took clad only in a shirt and a string of pearls. Man, I hate this season of jumpoffs.

They’re getting this coverage only because they fcked famous married men and helped to ruin or nearly ruin their marriages. Is that all women can do these days, make the wives’ lives miserable by publicly dragging this out? I used to think that the interviews and the swimsuit contests and the projected Playboy photos was all for the ducats and fifteen minutes, but I do think that it is revenge, but it’s not on Tiger. It’s his marriage with Elin. They all thought that they were number one. They all thought that they were next in line to be Mrs. Tiger Woods. Seriously? After how cheaply he treated some of them?

They may say that they like Elin, or want to talk with her, or want to be her friend, but they’ve got to be kidding themselves. I’m just wondering, do they actually think that after the divorce the guy will turn to them again out of shame?

Please…save me from these deluded women. Helping to destroying someone’s marriage is not feminist or womanly behavior, no matter if the guy is an oaf or not. And for all the other jumpoffs in the world thinking that the wife is going to leave or about to leave, read it in the newspapers first before you start making wedding plans.

~ by blksista on April 5, 2010.

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