There’s a Tea Party Rally Going on Next Door at the Capitol Building: Is Tommy Thompson Going to Run Against Russ Feingold?

UPDATE (1:20 p.m.): Nope. He isn’t running. What a let down for the teabaggers, but I half-expected it:

Tommy Thompson told tea party participants in Madison this movement is for real. Thompson says he wants to be a part of the movement because it is time to take back Wisconsin. “I never thought I would see the day automobile companies would be taken over by the government. Barack Obama. That is wrong for the country and wrong for Wisconsin.”

Thompson tore apart Senator Russ Feingold’s view on debt in the U.S. and Wisconsin.

Thompson says he talked with his family and it is time for new voices. He will make sure this movement continues and voices his opinion, but the Senate seat is not for him.

I think the family said no, though the polls, like from Real Clear Politics’ April 6 results, done by Wisconsin Public Radio and St. Norbert’s College, show that Feingold is vulnerable. If the polls held up, Thompson would have romped all over Feingold by double digits, but there’s little to show whether any other Republican candidate would have the same numbers over the Middleton incumbent. The poll has Feingold barely being reelected by 3 points.

Says TPM:

Feingold is ahead of the two Republicans who are already in the race, leading businessman Terrence Wall by 50.7%-37.0%, and leading businessman Dave Westlake by 49.4%-34.2%.

Former state Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel, of the Leinenkugel beer family, is expected to enter the race as well, after resigning from the administration of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. In addition, state Sen. Ted Kanavas has been considering a run, if Thompson decided not to.

Let’s see what develops, but so far, barring anything delving into The Stupid like women (again!), Feingold is going to squeek by in 2010.


I can’t hear it from where I am. It’s not like the one I attended last year, where a lot of people gathered and I could hear it from the Y. Which means that there may be fewer people there. It’s lunch hour, so their ranks would indeed swell from both business and government workers stopping to listen.

Former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson is scheduled to be one of the speakers; there are many of the teabagger persuasion who want him to run against liberal-progressive Senator Russ Feingold who is up for reelection this fall. At this writing, he’s still on the fence.

He’s just started speaking now. The live feed is here. If he runs, there is going to some bloodletting on the streets from this fight.

I’ll update this post when he officially tosses his hat into the ring…or not.

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