Leonard Nimoy to Retire

I am sad, but frankly he is almost 80. Get real, everybody.

“Since Star Trek began in 1966, I’ve never had to worry about where the next job was,” he told the Toronto Sun.

“I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”

He is also withdrawing from the sci-fi convention circuit, where he has for years been a big attraction among Star Trek devotees.

“I’m so grateful to the fans. I call these kind of experiences a victory lap … It’s like having a family reunion,” he said.

And like family, there is always one sad day when one has to finally let them go.

I already said what I needed to say about him a while ago in my essay, “In an Alternate Universe, Spock Kisses My Hand.”

I think that there is more affection for Nimoy than there is for William Shatner; more affection for Spock than there is for Kirk. I think it’s because the character of Spock revises the view of biracial people; he chooses to be Vulcan; he chooses to use his intellect before speaking. Yet Spock cannot help but display his humanity: his geekiness, his irritation, the significant lifting of his eyebrows, and the way he would signal or mask his emotions by saying, “Fascinating,” or “Interesting.” Not so noted was his quiet understanding of and affection for people like Christopher Pike, his mother Amanda, Flint, and women like Droxine and Liviana, the Romulan commander, and even for Tribbles and the Horta.

And Spock is not destroyed because he is different, but he is enhanced and made more interesting and attractive by it. That there is a portrait of Barack Obama going around wearing Star Trek gear and wearing pointed ears–Mr. Cerebral Cool–proves that Spock will continue to live on in the American cultural repository.

I knew that I was in love with Spock when I was 13, and not Leonard Nimoy. But I appreciate Nimoy for giving me a taste of the future, an escape into a world where everyone seemed to fit in, and a dream of acceptance and love.

I wish him well in whatever time he has left for his family and his friends. And for himself.

El Shaddai, Commander Spock.

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