Those Swiffer “Who’s That Lady” Commercials

There are already a lot of people, I’ve learned, who hate these commercials with a passion, with the mop or broom being kicked out of the house once a housewife started buying and digging Swiffer products.

I hated the commercials when the background song was “Love Stinks,” and I tolerated the “Baby, Come Back” version, simply because I liked the song when it was released back in the day.

But using The Isley Brothers’ Seventies hit was a stroke of genius, when the broom and mop simply quit mooning over a unfaithful woman who went with the trifling new kid on the block, and decided to make time with a rake with a leaf (flower in hair) still stuck in its prongs, a pink bowling ball, and in this case below, with the official bird of the City of Madison, Wisconsin: a plastic pink flamingo who just simply flutters on the lawn when it sees “her.”

The questions I see online are in the vein of “who’s singing that song”? Either it’s a cover band of The Isleys or the original recording itself. Either way, looks like someone Isley is making ducats.

There are also a lot of parodies of these Swiffer mop and sweeper commercials online, so imitation is the strongest way of saying we like it in this case. One respondent on You Tube said that one of these days, the mop and broom are going to retaliate from jealousy, and kill the housewife and the Swiffer. I think a couple of parody videos pursuing this story line are already circulating.

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~ by blksista on April 26, 2010.

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