Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Crackhead Female Cop Arrested by FBI (w/Update)

UPDATE: Well, I got one of my questions answered. The WISC 3 6:00 a.m. newscast before The Early Show kicks in said that Salentine had been hired by the Platteville Police Department straight out of UW-Platteville (another good name pulled into this sad tale) in 2004. So that only leaves one other possibility in my mind, that the individual she spoke of who sometimes lived with her and accompanied her on buys in Milwaukee may have helped to turn her on to the stuff.

Like I said, this is an unhappy woman. One or two of the comments to this article (scroll down) claim that Salentine had had periodic complaints since her hire, and that there was no way that other cops, including higher-ups, wouldn’t have suspected or known about her drug use.

Officer Michelle V. Salentine, 28, was arrested last night for smoking crack cocaine while on duty (Courtesy: WXOW-LaCrosse)

Michelle Salentine had a lot of problems, including a drug habit, but she kept them largely under wraps. It wasn’t her fellow cops who arrested her, but the FBI. The police officer probably counted on Platteville’s being a small college town (UW-Platteville) to get away with it for so long. Platteville, WI is approximately 71 miles from Madison, the state capitol, and has only a little over 10,000 residents. So it was a bit of a shock for Platteville citizens, including its police, to find out otherwise last night.

Federal prosecutors charged a southwestern Wisconsin police officer Tuesday with maintaining a crack house, saying she used the drug while on duty on several occasions.

FBI agents arrested Platteville Police Officer Michelle Salentine, 28, on Monday night when she showed up to work her patrol shift, according to court documents. She could face 20 years in prison if convicted.

Neither Salentine’s attorney, listed as federal public defender Michael Lieberman, nor the U.S. attorney assigned to the case responded to after-hours phone calls Tuesday seeking comment.

Platteville Police Chief Doug McKinley said Salentine joined the department in September 2004 and she had never had any problems “of this nature.”

“Nobody’s happy when this … comes to light. To violate that public trust is very, very disappointing,” McKinley said.

According to court documents, an informant contacted FBI agents in February and told them Salentine regularly smoked crack at a Platteville location as well as her own home. The informant said he had seen Salentine smoke crack on at least six occasions, including times when she was in uniform and carrying a firearm.

On March 2 the informant texted police and said Salentine had come by around midnight in her squad car, took off her gun and sat in the kitchen and had a sixteenth of an ounce of drugs. The message did not specify what kind of drug.

Two days later, the informant again texted police around 1:30 a.m. and said Salentine had been smoking in her squad car and was getting ready to go back on duty.

On April 14 the informant visited Salentine at her home while wearing a recording device. Salentine brought out a small metal pipe and smoked crack, the documents said.

What if she had discharged her firearm at someone while under the influence? What if the someone had been your daughter, your son, your husband, your wife? Your grandmother?

Would they have covered up this fact for her sake?

Where had she come from? Was she addicted when she became a cop at her first job, or did she become addicted while with the Platteville police?

She admitted to authorities that she and another as yet unnamed individual who sometimes lives with her would accompany her to Milwaukee to buy crack.

This woman is really unhappy. I’ll bet the companion is a lover.

Well, now she’ll get the help that she needs, but this will ruin her. Which begs the question how many more cops are like this? Not just in Platteville or Milwaukee. Or how many of their superiors or fellow cops don’t let on that they have their suspicions but won’t rat, especially against a woman? And I am not even talking about bad lieutenant types. I’m talking about the quiet types who seem to have it together when they don’t.

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10 Responses to “Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: Crackhead Female Cop Arrested by FBI (w/Update)”

  1. Crackhead cop, throw the book at her, shes a disgusting pig


  2. you’re ignorant in judging her character, her life, and her motives. Michelle is a good individual who rightly served the city of Platteville for 6+ years. If she was such an awful human being as you make her out to be, why are many others including her superiors shocked? If her character and behavior were to be questioned, this case would have surfaced months ago.


    • She may be nice, she may be kind. But in quoting reliable sources, this is not a personal attack on Michelle Salentine. I don’t even know her, but even if I did, I would still criticize her actions. Wrong is wrong. If she served Platteville while under the influence of crack, then she’s not a police officer that I would want on my side or serving the citizenry.

      Quit trying to excuse bad cops.


  3. Michelle is a wonderful person and nobody should judge her. Unfortunetely, she is one of MANY people who have falled victim to drug use and addiction and please don’t judge her based solely on her actions. Please know that like others, she too, has a heart and people who love and care about her.


    • I hear you; I have nothing against good cops. But she not only put her life in danger, but others. That’s not what a peace officer should be doing. How she became addicted and why will definitely come up in the preliminaries. How her superiors ignored the warning signs and just let it ride instead of getting her the help she needed will also. Thank you for your comments.


  4. I knew Michelle in high school but not really afterwards, yet I’m not that surprised by this. It’s not as if I knew she was doing it or expected she would, but something about her overall personality makes this not surprising.
    If the person who accompanied her was a female then it probably was her lover since she is a lesbian.


    • I don’t know and really don’t care about Officer Salentine’s sexual identity. Such information will come out in the preliminary hearings and the trial, no doubt.

      My mentioning her sometime lover is integral because addictions sometimes begin with a aignificant relationship.


  5. I knew Michelle through college. I never knew her to do this hard core drug. I knew she would smoke pot here n there, but not crack cocaine.
    She is/was a very sweet caring individual.
    I’m sad for her. I hope she gets the help that she obviously needs. Its shocking.


  6. Crackhead female cop? It is very rude to say that, I think you need to watch what you say when you post something on your page, especially when you don’t know the person…your ignorant.


    • I’m ignorant for detailing that a woman police officer smoked crack for several months to several years? She’s an addict; she is a crackhead, whether she’s white, black, Asian or brown.


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