Oprah is So Not Believing Rielle Hunter, and I Don’t Either

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I saw the interview, and I think the girl–for the first time I’ve ever seen–wanted to walk off the set at one point, she was so uncomfortable. Because Rielle is being, in the words of Diane Dimond today, delusional. There is a case to be made that some people can be too much in love with other people, and so self-absorbed that they can’t face reality. Hunter didn’t even follow her own advice to John Edwards that he turned back on her: don’t do the interview with Oprah. But she had to follow her own bliss, I guess. The space cadet. Sincerely, they deserve each other; masters of duplicity, fobbing off blame, and self-absorption. And once, I wanted him to be president. Not for his good looks, but because he seemed to give a sh*t about everything, and particularly New Orleans.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dimond, a special correspondent and investigative reporter for Entertainment Tonight, has been following the Edwards-Hunter story closely since it surfaced.

Dimond told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Friday she thinks Hunter is, too, a home wrecker, and is “delusional.”

Edwards first admitted two years ago that he had an affair with Hunter. In January, Edwards admitted he and Hunter have a 2-year-old daughter. He’d initially denied it. He and Elizabeth Edwards are now separated. Elizabeth suffers from terminal cancer.

The status of the Hunter-Edwards relationship is unclear. Hunter said in a GQ magazine piece that accompanied a controversial photo spread last month that the affair ended in July 2008. On Thursday, Hunter wouldn’t tell Winfrey the current nature of the relationship, calling it private, but said she thinks he still loves her. Edwards is providing support to both her and their daughter, Hunter added.

But I’ll bet you, that’s all. They’re not living with each other full time. They’re not bedding down with each other on a regular basis, although I am sure that he wants to see his daughter. And more to the point, I don’t think he’s going to marry her, though she claims she doesn’t want to. Not even for the sake of the child.

I do believe this from Rielle Hunter. I don’t believe that she was not the only catalyst in the breakdown of the Edwardses’ marriage, but she was a catalyst nonetheless. I think it was that whole campaign. I think that it was the ambition and drive of both Elizabeth and John Edwards and the deals with the devil that they made. I think it was the pressure of holding up the do-gooder image that they had both developed and burnished over the years that was bound to crack because that’s not who they really are. Not totally.

And when it does crack and shatter, there’s no way they can pick up the pieces once more. They’ve lost a public identity as well as a public trust, no matter how many good things they do later on. For example, John Edwards was and has been spending time in Haiti, working quietly with aid organizations. I say “quietly” because he doesn’t have a passel of press surrounding him and recording his every move. You could say it’s a form of penance, but it’s rather late. He’s the John Profumo of American politics right now.

I still feel badly for Elizabeth Edwards, who was even willing to parlay her terminal illness into getting her husband the gift of the presidency. I don’t even dislike her for that. I still think that she never expected this curve ball–that he would be this reckless and this disrespectful of her and the years that they spent with each other and their children. That he said that he couldn’t wait until she died to have his own life? Jeez. Even if it was bullsh*t, a political husband saying something like this so it would later be repeated for tabloid shows and the Net blogs? That, and creeping on Elizabeth with her illness was what really torpedoed him in 2008.

Do I think that Elizabeth never expected him to creep, or that he had never had sex with other women before in their marriage? No. I think there were other women who lay down for him during this and other campaigns for the glory of fcking John Edwards; but it took Rielle, who was insistent on going the full tilt boogie, and he, for all intents and purposes, and caught up in his own self-absorption and view of himself, went with her. I think that those trysts would have been merely incidental to the marriage as long as she didn’t hear about it, and incidental to the promises that Elizabeth and John had made with each other.

It was still a marriage, but it was a marriage under pressure.

And unfortunately, the jumpoff is still being interviewed by the media. Each interview is still making the whole thing go on, and on, and on. It’s like a relentless attack against Elizabeth Edwards. Haven’t they had enough of this story? (I note that Tiger’s jumpoffs have been taken off the air since the Masters.) Don’t even think that these interviews don’t hurt Elizabeth or influence her separation from John. Women know how to talk the game too, but I don’t believe that she is that impervious. And John still has to deal with her, too.

Oprah is still making news, with Mo’Nique’s brother Gerald Imes and now with Rielle Hunter, but in the last year of her daytime TV show, I’m questioning her choices for interviews. I really am.

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  1. I agree with your evaluation of that triangle. What a mess!!! I never watch Oprah any more–don’t know why. Maybe ’cause so many of the ‘interesting’ stories out there are so tabloid–like she’s trying to keep her ratings up. I think her ratings would stay where they’ve always been without all this, but maybe not.

    I’m really tired of hearing about Rielle. The photo shoot with the long shirt and no underwear, her sweet baby and those toys was really tacky!!


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