Drone Did Not Find Mitrice Richardson’s Remains

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Of course, I had been waiting, like you all, for the results. But the Viz Center drone did not find the remains of Mitrice Richardson in the Malibu area wilderness. And there was a news blackout over what happened; there was no official announcement from anyone.

When I saw the following report from Anne Soble at the Malibu Surfside News last week, April 30, I was incredulous:

Friday, April 30, is Mitrice Richardson’s 25th birthday. If she is alive, it will be the most important birthday she has ever celebrated, whether she is aware what day it is, or even knows who she is.

Richardson’s birthday will bring together family members and friends to reaffirm their efforts to find the young woman, or if she is not alive, to determine what happened to her. The hope that a recent drone search might provide some clues to her whereabouts proved disappointing. Still, that the high-tech equipment did not find any skeletal remains buoys those who want to believe that she did not die in the rugged Santa Monica Mountains where she was left to fend for herself on foot in an isolated area.


The reason why Mitrice Richardson has been given such short shrift is because she is black and female. Her life was of no importance or value to law enforcement, which is why they carelessly decided not to remand her to the County’s psychiatric unit. That was way too much concern, way too much effort. The mainstream media, as we have found, also has a vested interest in supporting law enforcement to assuage and reassure the public–and to keep its ties open to the police and local governments. The deputies processed and treated her as if she had been consciously attempting to cheat the restaurant out of a bill, and that she was in her right mind. We don’t know what else happened while she was in their custody, or immediately after her release. A sheriff’s deputy was plainly shown in the video leaving the station within two minutes after Mitrice was released.

The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for her disappearance, despite a series of lies, deflections, deceptions and outright hiding of evidence. The heavily-edited video tape of Mitrice in the booking cage, which Captain Tom Martin once insisted did not exist, told a very different story, that she appeared mentally deficient at the time of her arrest as Geoffrey’s Restaurant management and Mitrice’s family members and friends, like Dr. Ronda Hampton, had suspected. Callously, Sheriff Lee Baca even told Mitrice’s mother and supporters in January that she was dead and to get over it.

So, if people think that that Mitrice’s parents suing the county is merely a shakedown–then you should walk a mile in these people’s shoes. No amount of money can ever bring back a child who has been treated in this awful way by individuals who are sworn if not paid to protect her and other citizens from harm. The suit is to bring to the attention of citizens and lawmakers and to pull cops and deputies short that this should not be happening.

So now what?

Friday’s gathering of family and friends emphasizes the need to keep the public spotlight on Richardson’s disappearance. In acknowledgement of her 25th birthday, they are asking everyone who can to print 25 flyers and post them at 25 locations (flyers can be downloaded at findmitrice.info)

In collaboration with Maurice DuBois, the father of murdered teenager Amber DuBois who has become a missing persons advocate, a massive two-day search for Richardson is tentatively planned for June 5 and 6. Details will follow as soon as they are available.

Download those posters and do your part if you live in Southern California. Or join the families on June 5 and 6.

Soble’s article suggests that Rep. Maxine Waters may eventually bring the FBI into the case, but I doubt it unless a significant witness emerges or a dramatic event occurs. The local FBI seems to be disinterested and sluggish, or worse, sympathetic to the Sheriff’s Department, to devote any of their resources to the effort.

Pray that she is yet alive and can be returned to the arms of her family.

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  1. Who is investigating the police department? WHO?!!!!

    Prayers to Mitrice and her family.


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