Shaniya’s Mother, Antoinette Davis, to Appear in Court June 3 (w/Update)

UPDATE: 3:35 P.M. June 3: Nothing happened. The case has been continued until August 11. From Channel 14 in Charlotte, NC:

The scheduled court appearance of a Fayetteville mother accused of prostituting her 5-year old daughter, who ended up dead, has been continued until Aug. 11.

Antoinette Davis is charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse-prostiution and filing a false police report.

Davis reported her daughter, Shaniya, missing in November. The girl’s body was found a few days later in a ditch in Lee County.

I don’t have any doubts that Davis is coming close to term with the child she was carrying at the time of her daughter’s murder, and that this is why they have continued the court case. If I find out anything else, you’ll be one of the first to know.

Meanwhile Shaniya Davis’ dad continues to milk her remains for whatever they are worth to him. If I were him, I would STFU.

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I’ve been sitting on this for a while because nothing else has really changed in the case. But I’ll be doggone if this woman skips by copping a lenient plea deal, and Bradley Lockhart only gets a slap on the wrist. They, as well as the murder suspect, Mario McNeill, are culpable.

Antoinette Davis is expected to return to court next month in result of a recent April 15th court date. Case numbers 2009065834 and 2009065835 of felony human trafficking, felony child abuse involving prostitution, resisting arrest and filing a false police report moves towards June 3rd of the Cumberland County Courthouse in room 2B.

Shaniya Davis was found murdered in a North Carolina wooded area in November. Many wonder why this case is taking so long to seek a trial. Antoinette Davis can reach a plea to avoid a trial. The family of Antoinette Davis posted bail releasing Antoinette Davis from North Carolina’s Correctional Institute for Women in February.

She may have had her baby by now or is close to giving birth. Remember, Antoinette Davis was several months pregnant when she was arrested. If she has any brain cells left, she will give up that child to a better family, upbringing and home. But I am not banking on common sense ruling the day, especially with that mom of hers.

The Fayetteville Observer had an April 30 editorial that touched on the Shaniya Davis case in regards to the incompetence of the social workers previously involved, and whether they were ever disciplined, fired or charged with complicity. Makes one wonder whether they will be able to make an informed determination as to whether others will be prosecuted in Shaniya’s case. And about secrecy: they seem to be a law unto themselves. Almost like cops.

Here in Fayetteville, county officials see an upsurge in child abuse – reports are up 46 percent in the past month. This revived discussion of Shaniya Davis’s death last year, and whether Social Services employees were disciplined because of it.

We were reminded that we will never know the answer, because the state’s personnel laws forbid release of that sort of information. The law forbids release of almost anything about state employees, unless they are charged with a crime.

This editorial was in light of the recent revelation that reports of abuse cases in Cumberland County, where Fayetteville is located, have shot up dramatically since Shaniya’s death. The department is demonstrably and woefully short-staffed; 15% of their child services positions remain unfilled. Officials claim that social workers burn out all the quicker from heavy caseloads these days, making it hard to attract candidates as well as keep them.

Will this be the excuse they will use to allow some people to slide and others to go to jail in the Shaniya Davis case? Sometimes articles like these are like trial balloons…particularly that editorial.

Stay tuned. June 3 ain’t that far away.

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~ by blksista on May 8, 2010.

14 Responses to “Shaniya’s Mother, Antoinette Davis, to Appear in Court June 3 (w/Update)”

  1. so everybody and their momma say that antoinette davis has AIDS…. is it true??


    • She could be affected; however, it hasn’t yet been confirmed or revealed. Since this is connected with patient confidentiality, no one would know for sure unless this was brought up in court.


  2. Please continue to stay on this case…i think the country has forgotten about little shania


    • If you and others haven’t check out the previous posts I’ve done on Shaniya. It’s to the right of the page under the name “Search.” Just write, “Shaniya” and it will take you to the current list. You can do that with any topic you’re interested in. If it’s not there, I haven’t written on it yet. Thanks for coming to TBSP.


  3. Are you kidding me?? Are you really going to sit there and defend Antoinette Davis??? You obviously know her or are some relation to her. Just like her Momma said “Antoinette is a good Mom” Really?? Then what is her definition of a bad mom?? The police officers didn’t make this stuff up. Why did Antoinette tell them that Clarence Coe punched Shaniya in the face and took off with her? Why did she lie to cover up for Mario McCrack Dealer??? Mario is a scumbag that will get true justice in prison once they release him from protective custody. I hope they do exactly to him what he did to Shaniya and show no mercy!! Antoinette will gets hers to. Once that baby is born she will get the true street justice she deserves!!


  4. All I know is my heart aches inside for this little girl. Look at her so sweet… How could anyone ever do such a thing? This is the work of the devil himself. I pray to God She’s in heaven. So many people are involve and should be put to death after being toture. Her father, mother, family, friends of thr family, the teacher, principal, social workers, thier supervisors, the trailer manager, and nieghbors. They all saw and knew something wasn’t right and yet..and yet no one never opened thier mouth to NO I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS! Everyone involved should be brought on charges, point blank! Oh also the hotel clerk because they saw her go in with him and they knew what was up and allowed him to leave that building with her alive. If they were scared they could have band together along side other hotel guess, go up to that room knock on the door barged in and got her and beat, stabb the hell out of him and who ever else but they didn’t. That was her last chance to be alive and they were cowards for not doing something. I know myself if it were me he wouldn’t had left the building with me being alive! I will never for get her as long as I live! Further more this has definetly changed my education direction and I encourage all those who truely love children and have children STAND UP!! STAND UP!!! Find a way to make a big difference in this matter your voice do count also your action. I starting a marathon to help raise money to prevention this type of stuff amongst other things. If you belong to a church ask what part do your church play in being an activist for children rights.We as a people have to start somewhere and someday..why not now? What is it every minute or every two minutes a child is abused in american alone? Some of us was fortunate not to have anything like this happen to us or our kids don’t others deserve the same? Think of your grandchildren and the rate of monsters growing out there. Scary flat out! Please I urage everyone to band together and come up with solution that we can act on immedately to save these beautiful children. Many blessings. She should have been to see her 6th birthday this June and many more!


    • We are all frustrated in this situation, and wish this would have never happened. However, how could anyone, other than the perpetrator, known that this would happen? Today, with all the lack of privacy, yet rising cases of domestic violence and child abuse inside the home unreported, who can say what is and what is not abuse when they see it from the plain eye? It’s hard to spot crime when we see it–and even when we don’t–but it goes to show that we play a very crucial role in raising our youth today into being men and women of honor aand teaching them real values. I do applaud you, though, for getting involved in your community in lieu of this tragedy. You are an example to all of us who inspire positivity in minority communities. May we never forget little Shaniya, our Angel ❤


  5. blksista, he should go to jail because he didn’t check with the authorities about the household? how about the authoritiea go to jail for allowing her other child to live in that house? wish i could have checked with the authorities on some of the loosers that entered my life. oh yeah that’s right, none of them had records, but drank and smoked. too bad they couldn’t get locked up for telling me lies. the man has lost his child all because he tried to do a good deed by allowing his ex to see her flesh and blood. she said she changed. is that a crime? we have many child molesters walking around that have never been caught. did you know that? incest victims can tell you that. there is no mention in the article of the man accused of the crime. why mention lockhart and not him? why would he dump the child with the mother when he had his sister who was reluctant in letting antoinette take shaniya?


    • Look, I think we are on the same page regarding McNeill. Cool your jets. It is already out there that Lockhart, for all of his claims, didn’t like the child on his hands. His sister didn’t want her to go to her mother. Even other people volunteered to take her off his hands to raise and to take care of. His girlfriends would buy her clothes! He was no real father to her. He was seeking some way to dump Shaniya off his hands and he did it, the worthless cur.

      The authorities were asleep at the switch all around regarding Shaniya and her siblings. I’m hardly giving them any credit in this matter. There is a paper trail a mile long regarding Shaniya, her father and her mother and how she was passed back and forth between them because of the ill-treatment she suffered. And as proof, there is also published information regarding Lockhart’s treatment of his half-black children by his first marriage. When his wife was murdered, he parceled them off to their grandparents without a thought. He didn’t even stipulate any money for them while they were growing up or even see them.

      Lockhart’s hands are not clean by a long shot, and you’re giving him far more credit than he deserves. Every time he’s been on television, he’s had an attorney with him. Why? If he’s so sure that he’s in the right, why does he have to have a lawyer with him? He’s not even living in the state any more. Doesn’t that give you a hint?

      I’m not going to retail everything that I have published on this blog regarding this case. I suggest you read what I’ve already posted about Shaniya or do a Google search of Shaniya and the Fayetteville Observer.


  6. 1. people is plural;you don’t need to add a “s” 2. Antoinette pimped out her daughter then got scared at the last minute. 3. Mario doesn’t have a conscience;why would he take a child early in the morning? coffee? doughnuts? hopscotch? he’s a freak of nature! handing the child off as if it was a 100meter relay or raping the child = guilty. you think that maybe the force of his body inside a baby may have killed her?! he’s probaly done this a gazillion times and finally got caught! there are thousands of men just like him roaming the streets looking for a drug addicted parent so that they can take advantage of their child(children.)this, like incest has been going on for centuries just ask some of the girls at a strip club what their so called mothers made them do when they were little. it is time that we as concerned humanbeings step up to the plate and fight for tough laws. children are innocent. we an adult harms a child physically or mentally they are murdering the person that they could have become. we need future generations to take our society to the next phase. i don’t want to see our children of the future messed up on alcohol and drugs because of trying to forget their past. If anyone sees or suspects this heinous crime or any crime against a child, please report it. our children are our tomorrow.


  7. your comment below is incorrect. bradley lockhart is shaniya’s father
    I’ve been sitting on this for a while because nothing else has really changed in the case. But I’ll be doggone if this woman skips by copping a lenient plea deal, and Bradley Lockhart only gets a slap on the wrist. Both they and the murder suspect, Mario McNeill are culpable.


    • Um, I don’t know what you mean. I know that Bradley Lockhart is Shaniya’s father. But he and Antoinette should be prosecuted as well. He let the child go to her mother without checking with the authorities about the full state of affairs in that household. He wanted to dump her with her mother so he wouldn’t have to take care of her.


  8. This is crazy. Theses peoples that is responsible for Shaniya death need to be brought to justice NOW. However I never really believed in my soul that Antionette had anything to do with this little girl death because they arrested her boyfiend first base on a lie the trailer park manager gave. Personally I think Mario is the only culprit in this group of peoples that is guilty along with others outside of this group. When he kidnapped this Child he was to deliver her to some one but the cops was all over this and he panic but that don’t mean he killed her. I believed he delivered her to that hotel to someone got his money for her and left. Think about this: Why would Mario take a little girl for payment on a drug debt only to take her to a comfort suite hotel to rape and killed her ,he could have done that anywhere and not have to pay a dime since he was being paid by the Mom i.e giving her child to him. Peoples believe what they want to but I don’t believe everything I read or see on television there are other peoples involved and when the truth comes out a lots of peoples jaws are going to drop.


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