Technical Difficulties: The Laptop is Done, But the Beat Goes On

I did want to talk about developments in the cop murder of little Aiyana Jones in Detroit; about the ongoing criminal propensities running through and ruining Craig’s List; and update you on Mitrice Richardson and Rep. Maxine Waters’ DOJ request, and the response; and on the funeral of Lena Horne, but it can’t be helped. My laptop is done.

The computer died last night while I was making dinner for myself. It was already charged up and connected to the wall, but after I discovered the screen was black and not simply asleep with the screensaver, the computer declined to power-up. The techs said flat out this afternoon that I needed a new computer, and that it would cost an additional $100 to transfer the contents of the hard drive, thank you very much.

Add to this, I still have no job, not even a temporary one. My UI benefits have recently been cut to the bone. So I may be homeless as well if things don’t look up, and soon.

I will probably be commenting from the Madison Public Library until further notice. Hey, I could use the exercise.

If you can, please contribute via PayPal to help out. Anything would be welcome. Thanks.

~ by blksista on May 18, 2010.

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