I Don’t Need Jay Smooth to Convince Me That Rand Paul is a Weaseling Racist (w/Update)

Thanks to Jack and Jill Politics for Jay Smooth’s commentary.

UPDATE (5/22/10): Well, guess what, chickens? The GOP has told Rand Paul to STFU and STFD in order to stem his going way on message this week.

In public, Senate candidate Rand Paul’s Republican colleagues have tried to contextualize his controversial comments about anti-discrimination laws and the Obama administration’s handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill, but privately they bemoan the political newcomer’s gaffes and wish he’d focus less on the national media spotlight and more on Kentucky and the economy.

“In any campaign there’s going to be a few bumps,” said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Paul didn’t return calls requesting comment.

‘Bumps,’ my ass. It’s damage control. They’re not gaffes. He represents the Teabagger segment of the Republican Party. He’s merely talking exactly who and what they are. Of course, he’s going to want to walk that national stage like Miss America taking her first runway bows. It’s expected. His supporters and handlers and the Party would want him to. Same thing that happened with the new senator from Massachusetts.

However, because of his mental gyrations on NPR and Rachel Maddow’s show, he’s made so many rethink their votes from Tuesday, and in particular, rethink the Teabagger surge nationally. There are some people who can’t be fooled, no matter how disgusted or outraged they are with the state of the nation, and because of that, Rand Paul may have sunk his own chances. Now he’s decided not to appear on Meet The Press–only the third person in the history of the show ever to cancel.

“We booked him on Wednesday. Everything was set and then his press person emailed this afternoon that he was very sorry but he wants to cancel the interview. We tried appealing to the press person to not much avail,” [Betsy] Fischer [executive producer of the show] said .

Both Fischer and host David Gregory have since sent direct appeals to Paul’s campaign manager to talk to the candidate over the phone with the goal of getting him to reverse his decision. But it appears the Paul camp isn’t budging.

“Rand did Good Morning America today, set the record straight, and now we are done talking about it,” Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton told the Washington Post. “No more national interviews on the topic.”

Lots of people have been talking about Rand Paul lately, but it’s hardly about his strong showing in Kentucky, but what he truly believes in. This should put the hammer down for good and all on all those progressives and moderates who were die-hard Ron Paul suck artists and voters once upon a time because he appeared to be more populist than Libertarian. Yeah, that means you too, Bill Maher.

These true believers refused to see reason when people brought up that Paul was racist from the get-back, from the time he became a Texas congressman, and that he was hanging out with white nationalists and other hate groups during the 2008 campaign. Even the photos and videos didn’t dissuade them.

Well, we always know one when we see one.

The fruit surely doesn’t fall short of the tree. Same kind of political and mental gyrations that his daddy was doing two years ago.

They’re wanting us to go back. Oh, hell no.

Libertarians don’t like civil rights either. And yeah, I do believe that he was named after Ayn Rand.

Now Rand Paul wants to weasel out of what he said earlier, and not just to Rachel Maddow a couple of nights ago. Apparently, there’s audio of him on an NPR show that may be far worse. You be the judge.

Rand Paul: Wonders what the fuss is all about BP’s responsibility for the spill.

Salon says Rand Paul’s ascendancy is due to dittoheads and Libertarians.

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  1. I’ve researched Paul. He is a Libertarian of a similar stripe as Dr King. He’s not polished but he’s not a political hack. Your charge of racism diminishes the principles and sacrifice of Dr King. Dr King’s values are closer to Rand Paul than JJ or Al Sharpton.


    • What bullsh*t.

      King wasn’t a libertarian. His values were a lot more left of center than you think.

      Sharpton? He’s an ambulance chaser. However, a stopped clock is right at least twice a day.

      Otherwise, please keep your drivel off this blog.


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