West Allis, WI Bar Burns Obama in Effigy

Reason No. 821 why I want out of Wisconsin.

From WTMJ:

A bar owner could be in serious trouble with the federal government. A bartender was videotaped burning a statue of President Obama.

And the whole thing was video taped…

So far, the bar owner hasn’t explained why the bartender torched the statue of the President a cheering crowd.

People in West Allis were shouting and laughing as the bartender torched the statue for the crowd. Flames tore through the statue with what looks like duct tape wrapped around it’s neck.

West Allis Police say they found out about the incident after it was reported at Yester Years Pub and Grill on Greenfield Avenue.

West Allis police say the Secret Service is also investigating. The Secret Service investigates any possible threats against the president.

TODAY’S TMJ4 obtained video from someone who watched the fire and said they feel upset.

The President of Milwaukee’s NAACP is outraged and worries it could be racially motivated. “Very offensive. And it sends a terrible message to other people,” said Jerry Ann Hamilton.

Yester Years Pub and Grill is owned by Karen Schoenfeld. We wanted to ask her what the bartender meant with the fire. But a message left at the bar wasn’t returned. And no one answered the door at her New Berlin home
“I regret that it happened, that it happened in our state. I think that’s the worst image that a person can send out,” said Hamilton.

Wednesday afternoon the Secret Service told me they can’t comment on this case, saying they don’t comment on any so-called intelligence cases.

NAACP leaders maintain they’re going to push for a full investigation.

I don’t think that it is an isolated incident. This was a party of invited guests of which the bartender was an MC. I think that there are plenty more incidents that aren’t as publicized.

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