Bradley Lockhart is Really Asking for It: Shaniya’s Dad in Fayetteville June 12 to Speak at Program

Bradley Lockhart at Shaniya's funeral; the investigation still isn't over, and yet he's still blubbering over her remains (Courtesy: WRAL/CBS)

Saw this at the Fayetteville Observer. Check the link:

The father of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis is expected to return to Cumberland County next week to speak at an awareness program in remembrance of his slain daughter.

Bradley Lockhart and the nonprofit group GOTDAD will serve as hosts of a day of activities and events scheduled for June 12 and aimed at bringing awareness to violence and sexual crimes against children.

The event is being called Shaniya Speaks Day, Keeping the Promise. It will be at the John D. Fuller Sr. Recreational Complex on Old Bunce Road.

Joe McGee is founder of GOTDAD – Giving Opportunities Through Dedication And Devotion – a nonprofit organization that helps busy fathers figure out how to spend more time with their children. He said the day was chosen because Shaniya would have celebrated her sixth birthday on June 14.

“Keeping the promise was the message from Brad at her funeral,” McGee said. “We want to keep our pledge and take Shaniya’s message to the streets.

Why are they valorizing Bradley Lockhart?

Just because the cops and the county haven’t yet gone after him for his part in his daughter’s murder, it doesn’t mean that he should be laden with respect and honors to speak. He is partly responsible for this mess.

Will his lawyer(s) be with him at this ceremony?

Will the cops or county reps be there incognito?

This event happens nine days after Antoinette Davis is supposed to appear in court, on June 3.  That’s Thursday.  Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “Bradley Lockhart is Really Asking for It: Shaniya’s Dad in Fayetteville June 12 to Speak at Program”

  1. This Lockhart and Davis shituation goes back to the days of nothing other than slavery.The master would impreganant the Black woman and never claim the child.Unfortunately this same nonsense is present today.Lockhart did not want responsibility of Shaniya and the crack addict did not have the sense to deal with herself muchless her child.Shaniya should have been in a home with her older sister where there was much “LOVE” CLEANLINESS and DECENCEY,therefore she would have not had to be shifted from female to female.There was “NO” stability in Lockhart.May the sun “SHINE” and heaven “SMILE” on this “PRECIOUS,BEAUTIFUL ANGEL FOREVERMORE”To HELL with all others involved in this case who did nothing to HELP PROTECT and Defend Shaniya.Shaniya deserved the “BEST” that this world had to offer.


  2. I feel the same way about the whole tragedy. The dad is just as much to blame as the momma. He should’ve never let this baby go over to that hole in the wall! She has all these malfunctions going on with her & u send ur baby over to live/visit…COME ON!! I had a chance to cross paths with this lil angel…reminded me so much of my daughter. If he didnt want the responsiblity of raising her, the auntie was there with open arms to take her in… Davis & McNeil deserve the same punishment & Lockhart needs to face some time also. I continously pray for these people, because only God can deliver true judgement…. Pure sadness….


  3. I wonder how he kept Shaniya for most of her life but never bothered to put his name or her birth certificate, never gave her his last name and had no formal custody arrangements. I mean Davis gave him custody when Shaniya was 1 years old, would she have fought him for custody if he tried that same year, when she actually gave Shaniya to him? Their relationship is very fishy.
    I hope Davis and McNeil burn in hell.


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