Chris Brown Wasn’t Fakin’ Those Tears

I think this was the first time that he had been asked to perform at something big lately (yeah, Kanye has been coming out of the woodwork lately, too). Brown’s album tanked last year. He’s been doing his service. Yeah, those tears were about himself, but I also think that they were about Michael, his oft-cited mentor, and possibly, how he must have let MJ down.

Nothing like “Man in the Mirror” to get people worked up. And yet, I don’t feel that he deserves “forgiveness” for that wallow in grief last night. This is far from the kinds of deeds that I would like to see to see him do, unbidden and unstaged, that would prove to me that he knows better not to go off. He still hasn’t shown that he’s grown up and knows how to keep his hands off women and girls. Which is why I think that some of the skepticism expressed by the entertainment media is warranted.

Brown’s overwhelming display of emotion spoke to many people watching the awards. For these viewers, Brown was turning the page on the tumultuous phase of his career that began when he infamously beat then-girlfriend Rihanna last February. Others, like me, felt the precise opposite way. Brown pleaded guilty just a year ago to a very serious felony. Intimate partner violence is not something you can make up for with a few well-executed dance moves or on-stage sobs. In this view, there was something unseemly about Brown using a tribute to a late legend as an opportunity to turn the spotlight on himself and score some career-rehab points.

Naturally, some in the hip-hop community came to his rescue. Including Queen Latifah. I’m shaking my head at Latifah at this. In with the guys?

At the afterparty, hosted by the tag team of Diddy and “Hustle & Flow” actress Taraji P. Henson, everyone from a show producer to the cast of the soon-to-be-revived BET series “The Game,” as well as some of the night’s winners and presenters, had something to say about Brown’s emotional performance of “Man in the Mirror,” during which the singer fell to his knees crying, genuinely unable, it seemed, to sing the song.

“You know who stole my heart tonight?” Henson asked.

“Chris Brown!” answered Diddy, host Queen Latifah, BET personality Tigger and a group of others in near-unison.

“He was so vulnerable,” Henson continued. “I love you, Chris!”

During the tribute, Brown channeled Michael as he danced to “Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean.”

The winner in the Best Male R&B Artist category, Trey Songz, said, “Chris killed that. He left his heart on the stage. He gave genuine emotion. I was proud of him and I was happy for him for having that moment.” Songz didn’t mention Brown choking on the lyrics during the song: “He did that justice. Everybody’s been waiting for that.”

Nope. That’s not what I have been waiting for.

Nor is it justice for Rihanna or for the thousands of battered women and girls who aren’t Rihanna Fenty, either.

I don’t expect Chris Brown to start building homes for battered women and their children. Or to start learning how to bake bread, as Alice Walker once wrote for one of her male characters in The Temple of My Familiar. But I do expect him to walk it like he talks it. So far, a totter–like James Brown, another deceased and oft-imitated singer and woman beater who used to perfect his stagger and collapse on stage while begging his woman, “Please, Please, Please,” gold cape around his neck and all (probably after she had had enough of his beatings and was going to leave his ass flat)–ain’t as good as a walk.

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~ by blksista on June 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “Chris Brown Wasn’t Fakin’ Those Tears”

  1. The poor boy was so sincere.please forgive ,forgive and forget its more than a year


  2. I am so glad your post went in another direction than I thought it was going when I read the title. Yes, I think the tears were real. No one has ever said the man can’t cry about other things. However, for some to use his desire/ability to cry about some things as an opportunity to forgive him for what he did to a woman is something I am not ready to do. He beat the hell out of Rhianna. I’m not convinced he can be trusted not to do it again to another woman. I need more meat than him crying while singing an emotionally charged song.


  3. Blksista, I agree with your post. For me, as long as folks are still bashing and blaming Rhianna, Chris Brown’s tears mean absolutely nothing.

    Neither Chris nor Rhianna have spoken out about getting help and healing from that disastrous night.

    I think the tears were real, but they were tears of shame, guilt, and hurt–emotions that Chris Brown has yet to deal with healthily.


    • Thank you for bringing in the value of counseling and self-reflection for this young man. I haven’t heard diddly about whether he or she has gotten anything out of a good shrink or a qualified minister. But I have heard that Rihanna may be repeating her cycle with another possible abuser. And so it goes.


  4. That’s the problem with people today; they don’t forgive. All this is easy for you to say, but if you were in his shoes, you would say enough already!!! We all make mistakes, and you cant say that you haven’t. If God can forgive and sacrifice his son–even when there were many nonbelievers–then who are you to approve forgiveness for someone else?


    • Cool your jets, hon. I said that he wasn’t faking, but that he had a long way to go. Deeds aren’t forgiven by weeping publicly. What’s his new woman like? Are they getting along? Has he stopped trying to see Rihanna on the sneak? That’s what I would worry about.

      A great entertainer he may be, but a human being? That’s still debatable.


    • You are indeed correct! I am not god. It is not up to me to deny or grant forgiveness to anyone in a public venue. The OP was about the reaction to CB’s “tears” while singing MJ’s “Man In The Mirror”. The tears may have been very sincere. However, I posted my opinion in response to the OP. That’s what makes the internet great. Everyone can interact and share ideas and thoughts. Peace!


    • I have a son-in-law right now crying about how people don’t forgive these days. And just four days after he said this to me, he broke the windows in my daughters home trying to force himself inside.


  5. I have to co-sign with you on this one. Chris Brown wants to change the subject. The problem is he has to overcome those horrific photos of a badly battered Rihanna. Did he do that last night? I think not.


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