That Brother in the Old Spice Commercial is Back

Yup. Isaiah Mustafa is back in another fabulous commercial. Or rather commercials. Because The Guy in the Old Spice commercial has decided to make a few spots addressed to and even for his fans.

I like it that he’s simply known as The Guy in the Old Spice Commercial, too. Because one doesn’t even have to indicate color. We’ve all seen the commercials, therefore we all know what is meant by the sobriquet. Someone would have to have just crawled out from under a rock this morning not to know who it is. Isaiah Mustafa owns this gig. Even Mad Men would be jealous.

(It’s just like the old Jack in the Box commercials with two-year-old Rodney Allen Rippy that were such a sensation in the early Seventies. Remember him? He was The Little Boy in the Jack-in-the-Box commercials who tried hard to eat a Jumbo Jack. Jumbo Jacks were pretty big then.)

Check them out:

Yeah, this one below is for George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning, America.

and lastly, this one:

Said Mashable Videos:

The Old Spice guy just took his YouTube campaign to a whole new level by proposing to a woman on behalf of one of his Twitter followers. The fan tweeted within hours that she’d agreed to marry him.

Yesterday, Old Spice started posting YouTube videos featuring the shirtless man from the popular TV commercials delivering personalized messages to fans on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Regular fans got video responses, but the Old Spice guy also smartly targeted social media-savvy celebrities and bloggers to get the word out and achieve viral status.

I just hope that this phenom won’t run out of steam, because this is really great not only for Old Spice and the Shulton Company, but for Isaiah. Yeah, he would be typecast in a way, but hell, he could play Remington Steele or James Bond for laughs. Women like him. Guys admire him. Hope you’re saving your money, bro. However, if they play this right, Isaiah could go on like this for another year. And that would be priceless.

Hell, I could go on watching him for a few more months. He is that yummy.

You can find more of Isaiah’s videos at Huffington Post and at Mashable Videos. I think there is also one for Ellen DeGeneres. They’re all about 30 seconds long. Like a commercial.

So enjoy, ladies. And gentlemen.

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~ by blksista on July 15, 2010.

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