Howard Dean Calls Faux Noise’s Coverage of Shirley Sherrod Racist

Calling a spade a spade. Thank you, Crooks and Liars.

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Appearing alongside Newt Gingrich, Dean was blunt with his accusation. “I don’t think Newt Gingrich is a racist and you’re certainly not a racist but Fox News did something that was absolutely racist,” said Dean.

“They had a obligation to find out what was really in the clip. They have been pushing a theme of black racism, phony Black Panther crap and this business and Sotomayor and all this other stuff. The Tea Party called out their racist fringe and I think the Republican Party has got to stop appealing to its racist fringe,” Dean continued.

“And Fox News is what did that. You put that on,” he said.

“Wait, wait, wait,” interrupted Chris Wallace. “I know facts are inconvenient things but let’s try to deal with the facts. The fact is that the Obama administration fired or forced Shirley Sherrod to quit before her name had ever been mentioned on Fox News Channel.”

While it’s true that the that Fox News Channel did not air the video until after Sherrod resigned, their websites did push the story before her resignation.

There’s a little more at C & L.

And why does the former governor of Vermont have credence on this blog? Because he penned this speech, “Restoring the American Community,” during his ill-fated presidential campaign that says all that needs to be said about his credentials to speak about race. Dean hasn’t tiptoed about race the way all the other previous presidential Democratic candidates in the Nineties and in the Two Thousands have done. I think that was one reason why I think he was forcibly discredited in 2004. And something like this needed to be said dead in the face of that spawn of Mike Wallace’s and to that lying Roger Ailes/Rupert Murdoch clackery that’s done so much to divide this country.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation (appearing with sellout Harold “I wanted to be the first black president FIRST” Ford tried to talk sense to The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer about this very same issue late last week, and Lauer would have rather genuflected to an altar of lies than see Fox News criticized for its coverage.

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