Mitrice Has Been Found Dead

When I saw this news just now, my heart sank all the way to my stomach. Oh, her mother…please pray for her and her family in whatever language, faith, or inclination. I knew that poor girl was up there. I knew it.

And I also knew that if Mitrice were to be found, it would almost have to be by accident. The remains of the young woman were found as authorities were trying to discover secret marijuana farms in the Malibu Canyon area.

At a contentious news conference Thursday morning to announce the identification of the skeletal remains of Mitrice Richardson, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca acknowledged that the circumstances of her arrest and release merits further investigation, but declined further comment — saying it was a time for her parents to grieve.

He said there are no signs of foul play, and no official cause of death has been listed.

“Life is fragile,” Baca said. “The circumstances of this case are tragic. I am mindful of the fact that a mother and father are in deep grieving at this moment.”

Richardson vanished nearly a year ago after being released from the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff’s Station. Her body was discovered less than two miles away.

Her arrest for being unable to pay an $89 dinner tab at a Malibu restaurant and her subsequent release in the dark hours of the early morning last Sept. 17 without a car, cellphone or purse sparked widespread criticism of Sheriff’s Department personnel and triggered two lawsuits accusing the department of negligence.

Some questioned L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s procedures for releasing people at night as well as whether she should have been held for a mental health evaluation after she acted bizarrely at the restaurant.

The identification of the remains, found deep in a ravine by park rangers checking for marijuana plants, brings to a grim close the much-publicized mystery over the whereabouts of the Cal State Fullerton graduate who would have celebrated her 25th birthday in April.

And at a time when law enforcement agencies and the media have been accused of devoting less attention to minorities who go missing than to pretty white women who disappear, Richardson — a black woman who was a strikingly attractive former beauty pageant contestant — got extraordinary attention, becoming a high-profile enough case to make the cover of People magazine last fall along with several other missing people.

Fuck Baca trying to wax philosophical. He and his unfeeling goons left her out there to die. Had Mitrice been some blonde babe, they would have never allowed her outside of the police station.

If her mother can afford it, I hope that she will ask for another private autopsy. I don’t believe Baca for a second about no foul play and no rape.

More about this later.

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~ by blksista on August 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mitrice Has Been Found Dead”

  1. It’s sad that this sweet, beautiful young woman’s life was taken brutally. The lying cops are still hiding the booking video because it refutes their claim that Mitrice behaved normally at the station. Did a guy at the restaurant slip something into her drink?? When the cops responded to the racist dog who spoke of Mitrice nearby the house with such contempt in his voice, what did they do to her??! Mitrice’s family must keep pressure on the FBI to investigate this cover-up; Cogresswoman Waters now supports FBI involvement too. Justice must be served


  2. This is certainly a tragedy! My daughter went missing and the police department acted oblivious to her disapperance. I can relate to Mitrice’s mother. They(law authorities)don’t give a damn about black people. It’s sad and outrageous how people who are paid to do a job, with tax money, do minimum work to keep a lawful community and assist others. God Bless Everyone!!!


  3. My Dearest sympathy goes out to her family what a tragedy. I cant imagine the horror she must had to face, this is exactly why black people feel the way they do about the typical racist fucked up in the head white people.Shame on this world.The person who called the police to report someone lurking on his property Shame on him NOT all black people have nappy hair if that’s what he was referring to this beautiful black queen had naturally curly silky hair. That comment he made pissed me off how dare he.


  4. How horrible! I was praying this day never came. I lay blame on the police. They never would have released a white woman into the pitch black night with no money, no phone, no car! How could they do this? Black women matter! OMG, I feel for the poor parents. My deepest condolences to the family.


  5. At first, I believed like some others believe tshat the cops sexually assaulted and murdered this beautiful young black woman. After watching the news and hearing the person that called the police to report that Mitrice had been on his property. The way he seemed to describe her with malice in his voice when he mentionted the “AFRO”…hmmmm made me think. The murals that were drawn that I saw online depicting the Black nude females with Afros. I think this man was involved and then called the police to say she had just left not too long before…..knowing that he had did something to her.


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