2 Responses to ““Dr. Laura” Caller Nita ‘Jade’ Hanson on “Larry King Live”: Next Time, Sista, Go to a Qualified Shrink to Work Out Your Problems, Especially Not a Wing Nut Radio Talk Show Host”

  1. One thing I’d like to say about Nita is that if her husband lets other people abuse her, regardless of who they are, then I’m thinking she deserves to be with a man who respects and reveres her more. If he’s letting friends and family talk to her this way, then he obviously values THEM over HER and that’s not really the makings of a truly loving relationship in my opinion.


  2. Ok, now I’m watching the part of the video where Schlessiner is on Larry King discussing why she’s getting out of talk radio, or whatever, and saying that she doesn’t want to do it because she cannot exercise her Freedom Of Speech and say what’s on her mind without offending some Special Interest Group. That seems really suspect to me. It seems like she’s blaming the victim here and it takes a person of special character to do that.


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