Ten Store Chains Closing More Stores or Going Out of Business

All of these have to do with the current economic situation; the closings are also exacerbated by companies becoming overextended and merging with other companies, by debt, and by changing industry standards and consumer tastes.

Saks Fifth Avenue
American Apparel
Abercrombie & Fitch
French Connection
A&P (supermarkets under the names of Pathmark, A&P, Waldbaum’s, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh, and Food Basics)
American Eagle
Men’s Wearhouse
Charming Shoppes (parent for Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug)
Blockbuster Video

Add them to merchants like Ritz Camera, WaldenBooks/Borders, Movie Gallery/Game Crazy/Hollywood Video, Zales, Jones Apparel Group, Starbucks (even more), and KB Toys, if they haven’t yet bitten the dust.

Get ready for some serious sales, and for some people to drive farther for their food stuffs. I hope it won’t be too many miles for people of color who need access to these big box supermarkets for quality and variety of food. Before I left New York, Pathmark had opened a supermarket in Harlem, the first big grocery store in several decades in the area. Another one was either being proposed or was already being built in another section of Harlem. It was certainly ten times better than being at the mercy of bodegas or small corner grocery stores. I hope that they don’t close in these still-minority neighborhoods; they’re needed there.

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~ by blksista on August 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ten Store Chains Closing More Stores or Going Out of Business”

  1. why should A&P SURVIVE WHEN THEY TAKE thousands of dollars from some of their Co-managers, LIKE IT OR LEAVE, Then 2 weeks later give themselves bonuses and raises, and expect these valuble people to NOT be bitter? Any Company who do this, are not ethical,
    and WILL Eventually cave in.

    The people in Montvale, and the useless, pieces of crap who took the raises, and bonuses while taking away from some of their most productive people, will find that HELL IS COMING, FOR THEIR INTOLORABLE ACTIONS. Their dancing as fast as they can, but in the end, because they dont give a damn about their people, and are themselves INCOMPETENT, A&P will be sold off. You cant live on the name forever. Go into the store, and see the help situation, poor sales and putrid customer service. Do you ever have a bagger? Really sad…


  2. More than 3/4 of that list are stores I’ve never been to. A couple (Winn-Dixie, A&P) were when I was a child while some of the others were never in my area…LMAO!


  3. wow! i can’t believe that abercrombie is closing some stores! they always seem to do so well…


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