Mitrice’s Funeral

Mitrice in life.

Mitrice in death.

The Malibu Surfside News was the only media, it appears, that covered the funeral of Mitrice Richardson. The L.A. Times only covered the memorials. You will have to thank Anne Soble, along with Jasmyne Cannick and a few others, who have been consistent in their coverage of this horrible ordeal and its grisly ending. There are no other photos or articles available about the funeral that I have been able to find, and I only found two at the Surfside News.

Because now comes the hard part. We know the LASD lied, covered up, hid evidence, changed timelines and fabricated a police “independent” review exonerating them for the actions that they took the night Mitrice disappeared. More and more, it looks like either the deputies were involved, or that someone that they knew killed her and that they are covering up for them. Something happened to Mitrice Richardson. We have to continually hold the authorities’ feet to the fire until the facts are known.

There were so many magnificent stargazer lilies in the arrangements that their lush fragrance filled the air, enhancing the backdrop for video photo montages of the vivacious 24-year-old honors college graduate from infancy to her Cal State Fullerton commencement in 2008.

In the photos, there is one constant, the radiant smile that speaker after speaker described as emblematic of the upbeat personality and joy for living that Richardson embodied.

Those who came to say farewell ranged in age from newborn to Mitrice’s 92-year-old great-grandmother Mildred Harris, with whom Richardson lived before she disappeared last Sept. 17 in the now familiar story of her booking and release from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station with no money, cell phone or transportation just after midnight in a remote area she had never been in before.

The services were visceral farewells for deeply religious family members who waved their arms in the air and praised their Lord aloud during sermons and speeches.

It was also a rallying cry to action by Pastor Robert Hendricks, of the church where the young woman was part of the youth ministry, who said, “The search for Mitrice is now over, but the journey is not over.”

Proclaiming, “Mitrice’s blood still cries out on the ground,” he said, “A vast army of God [is charged with] bringing accountability, integrity and justice.”

He added, “All of us are just a breakdown away. But for $89…would those involved have done this to their own daughters?”

“We are our brother’s keeper. We have an obligation to each other and must be committed to justice.” Hendricks said this should be the goal of every community.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a display earlier in reaction to part of the minister’s sermon that took the emphasis briefly off the dead girl. You know how sometimes, during family gatherings like weddings, funerals, picnics, and holidays, old sh*t gets raked over by people who should know better. This occasion was no exception.

When the pastor praised the role of the dead woman’s mother Latice Sutton, and her stepfather Larry Sutton, who helped raise Mitrice Richardson from about five years of age through college, her biological father became visibly agitated, then reached for his mother who was seated behind him, stood up and told his family members and friends to walk out.

Many of the people filing out looked puzzled and even embarrassed. Some of them tugged on the person next to them to follow.

As they left, the pastor continued his comments, those in attendance listened and the empty pews spoke to the attitude of the man who repeatedly declares, despite rulings to the contrary, that he is Mitrice’s “legal next of kin” and entitled to act on behalf of her estate in litigation.

About 15 minutes later, most of those who had walked out returned to their seats but Richardson remained outside. It was announced that he would join those making remarks to the congregation.

Comments by his mother, Sally Ann Kelly-Richardson, who spoke with a deep rich cadence, preceded those of her son. She eased the tension in the nave as she told an endearing story about her granddaughter and the humorous havoc that a mischievous toddler could wreak with the contents of a container of baby powder.

Then Michael Richardson went up to the microphone. He said, “I don’t want everyone to get nervous [about what I’m going to say],” still waving the orange bandanna as if it was a flag or colors.

Though not as charismatic a speaker as his mother, he lavished praised on his daughter’s stepfather, Larry Sutton, and said, “When I wasn’t ready to be a father, Larry was.”

Richardson then publicly announced, “I went to prison [and Latice did an excellent job as mother], while I was in jail.”

Family members have indicated that Michael Richardson was sentenced to a prison term of over six years for strong-arm robbery. They add that the dead woman’s biological father played no role in her life from when she was three until about 15, when intermittent visits began.

Describing himself as “a very angry person,” the father said, “I am going to try to keep dignified and professional,” then said, “Latice Sutton is no joke, [and] neither am I.”

Michael Richardson has repeatedly refused to work with other family members on the searches and public information outreach, and the funeral was no exception.

Worse yet, he contributed nothing to the burial of his own daughter “not a penny for funeral costs, not the casket, not the cemetery, not anything.” Any fundraising that he has done, in the view of Latice Sutton, has gone into his own pocket and into his own self-promotion, and not in the service of finding his daughter.

Nor does Richardson disguise that he relishes the media spotlight. He frequently contacts members of the press himself and gives his own public appearances high marks on his website and blog.

Mitrice Richardson’s biological father held his own memorial service Aug. 16 and has announced he plans to hold another larger one for all those who “have grown attached to Mitrice’s unfortunate fate,” as well as begin an another series of fundraisers.

Waving that orange bandanna around, showing off to everyone with that embarrassing walkout that he was the father of Mitrice Richardson was uncouth and insensitive. All those people didn’t come for him; they came for his daughter. All family fighting should have been kept at the downlow in memory of that girl. And the fact of his relative absence from Mitrice’s life until the last nine years of her life for whatever reason: it is what it is. Slathering on all that false praise on Larry Sutton. From what I read, Michael Richardson himself seemed slightly unhinged. If he had simply wept or spoken loudly through his tears, as what sometimes happens at black funerals, I would have understood his grief. That’s where it is supposed to happen. Instead, it was a bad performance all the way around, and with it, Richardson may have damaged his own credibility.

Sitting behind the mourners, however, was Jeff Peterson, the owner of Geoffrey’s Restaurant, the restaurant that has received so much notoriety for handing Mitrice Richardson over to the sheriff’s deputies, and thus to her death. Peterson approached Mitrice’s mother and family August 12 horror-stricken at his part in the tragedy.

He said the three deputies who responded to the call were repeatedly told, “Something is wrong,” and “She needs help.” Peterson voiced concern that Sheriff Baca (at his press conference announcing Mitrice’s body had been found) put emphasis on the restaurant’s citizen’s arrest and not on the deputies’ assessment of the situation.

He said he couldn’t understand how Geoffrey’s employees saw one Mitrice Richardson and LASD personnel saw another.


Peterson talked to members of the woman’s family circle last Thursday—one of whom said they could see that he “was in pain.” He told them, “We thought we were protecting her and others if she was kept from driving on Pacific Coast Highway.”

He said the deputies who led her away in handcuffs did not have to do what they did. “What they did should not be represented as our actions. If we could see this was someone in distress, why couldn’t they?”

On August 22, Peterson said he was honored to have participated in the celebration of Mitrice’s life, and that he was invited to come “to share that moment with her family” after he telephoned Latice Sutton with his condolences.

No, I don’t think he was tripping because he might get hit with a lawsuit, or that he might lose patrons for his part in the case. So far, Peterson and the restaurant staff have been pretty consistent with their end of the story, whereas the LASD has been conspicuously less so.

Peterson, like many others, have been given a first-hand, ugly view of how L.A. law enforcement throws its weight around, treats certain people differently, and tries to cover its tracks while fobbing off blame on others, namely Geoffrey’s Restaurant and on Latice Sutton. I’m sure it’s been horrifying for him to witness and to relive again and again what happened that night. And whether he could take some of what he did back, if it could return Mitrice alive and whole to her family. I’m sure that earlier, he had been thinking that the cops and the sheriff’s deputies are around to protect everyone. And then come to find out, they don’t.

Not only Peterson was present, but Moe Dubois, Amber Dubois’ father, now a missing-persons advocate, who has been giving assistance to Mitrice’s mother and family. Congresswoman Maxine Waters was also there, saying that she would continue to do all that she could on the Federal level. I would say, the most Waters could do is get the FBI to examine this case from the get-go or better yet, a special prosecutor that would be independent of any police or sheriff’s interference or special, long-time ties. But Waters is in trouble, currently embroiled in a Congressional probe of ethics violations. It’s going to take more than Waters’ hand-wringing to see some justice here.

Richardson was interred at Inglewood Park Cemetery under a bright blue sky. There was a gentle breeze. Her mother and her 12-year-old sister released several dozen beautiful butterflies, symbolizing that they and Mitrice Richardson are now free.

I just wish people could be free without having to die needlessly. I know that I am thinking of you, Mitrice.

~ by blksista on August 26, 2010.

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  1. Black Sister,
    It’s really sad that you are getting your information from other people and trying to put down a black man. Then you call yourself Black sister. A real Black Sister will stand behind a black man that has been taking care of his daughter. Yes, true Michael was missing out of Mitrice life for some time. He is only human to.
    We all make mistakes in our life and then we correct them. We all are not perfect. If we we were this world wouldn’t be what it is.
    Only Latrice and Michael knows the truth about one and other. It’s not for people like you to go slander their names. Rather if you was on the mother side or father side.
    There is only one side to this whole story of Mitrice and that is who killed her.
    Why don’t you get out there and try to find her killer instead of starting rumors and being messy.
    To all that has post on this web site or others, all of you need to let Mitrice Richardson R.I.P.
    Let the attorneys rather it’s the mother or father attorney do what they got to do. It’s a shame at this time that they both can’t come together as one.


    • Hate drama,
      Why even respond if you hate drama ?!!? And what do you mean by letting Mitrice R.I.P ? I believe most of us on here wants answers (why LE acted the way the did in regards to this case) and justice for whoever is responsible for her death. I don’t think Mitrice will be able to R.I.P. until her family gets the answers they need. I understand that Michael is human but the fact that he couldn’t act appropriate during his daughter services just speaks volumes. So the definition of a black sister is someone who stands behind a black man who acts like that during his daughter funeral ? No, to me a real sista keeps it real and calls out the black man when he is wrong. Why pretend that his behavior was rational when it wasn’t! why would anyone stand behind a man that bashes the mother of his child in the media during a time of crisis ? Why stand behind a man that couldn’t put his differences aside and physically search for his missing daughter ? Why stand behind a man that lets his anger control his actions ? He was upset because he wasn’t acknowledged in the obituary or during the sermon. If he was doing everything he said he was for his daughter, it shouldn’t have bothered him not to be acknowledged. I take care of my kids but i don’t need people acknowledging me for that lol. Taking care of my children is what i am suppose to do! And that goes the same for him! Its a time and place for everything, and that wasn’t the time or place.


  2. I had to restart this discussion on another thread because WordPress didn’t have enough room for me to respond to BatteredByPD.
    1. You came onto this blog in support of Michael Richardson’s behavior at his daughter’s funeral last Saturday.
    2. Your point-of-view is your own; however, I don’t think that in this case, you can be shown as completely unbiased. I don’t believe that you are as neutral as you claim, like the other responder.
    3. I repeated what Latice said to Anne Soble about what Michael Richardson allegedly did not do, and that was to help to pay for his daughter Mitrice’s funeral. You still haven’t confirmed whether he did or not, just like the other poster. In writing about this allegation, I made it clear that this is what Latice is saying, that it was her view, not that I was agreed or believed this allegation.
    4. You challenged my knowledge of what was occurring with Michael Richardson. On the contrary—he objected to the funeral arrangements and especially a private funeral with only close friends and family members. Nevertheless, I am sure that his contribution would have been welcome.
    5. I repeated what Soble wrote about Michael Richardson’s disruption and walkout during the funeral. My only criticism was that this kind of behavior at his own dead daughter’s funeral was self-serving, posturing, and egregious, and that it compromised his efforts and reputation. That day was for Mitrice.
    6. I did not say or even suggest that Anne Soble was “for the black community.” All I have said is that she has been on this case far more than any other journalist in the Los Angeles area. I would not be surprised if she is writing a book about Mitrice. Do not put words in my mouth.
    7. You do not explain why or how my criticism of Richardson’s behavior constitutes a breach of a so-called black united front against the authorities and law enforcement in Los Angeles County.
    8. You do not explain why Michael Richardson has to be at the forefront of this fight. I can understand that it is because he is a black father, and that he spoke out plainly and publicly. But if Michael is doing wrong, he should be told when he is doing wrong or speaking wrongly. To ask for uncritical support of his efforts from others is asking for people to become robots.
    9. I would like people who read my posts about Mitrice Richardson to be able to get as much information or opinion as possible in order to make an informed decision about the investigation, lawsuits and fundraising by either Latice Sutton or Michael Richardson. Even if that information or opinion pisses them off. People will find out the truth for themselves.
    10. Because I give a differing opinion about Michael Richardson does not mean that I am less black or want his and others’ efforts to fail. It does not mean that I am not for the black Los Angeles community. Let me also say that this blog is not located in the Los Angeles area; I live in Madison, WI, which is the Midwest. Blacks who live in the Midwest are definitely interested in Mitrice’s case as well. However, I have relatives in the Los Angeles area.
    11. Michael Richardson “can do bad all by himself” with some of the criticisms he has lobbed against others during the search for Mitrice. He does not need me to undermine his efforts. Karma is what we think, what we say and definitely, what we do. I wish him well, but he has feet of clay. People should recognize this, and act accordingly when an incident arises.
    12. I feel for Latice Sutton as a mother. I also know that she was not as supportive of Mitrice’s lesbianism as Michael was. She was no saint about this issue. You could say that she may have been homophobic. That does not mean that Latice did not love her daughter less, either. I think that she was wrong, but I think that she still loved Mitrice.
    13. Lastly, I have never met Anne Soble, Latice Sutton or Michael Richardson. I only know them through photographs, videos and writings. Again, I wish them well.


    • Great post Black Sista. I do have a question for you: where in the world did you hear I was not supportive of Mitrice’s Lesbianism? I’ve heard that this was a statement made by Michael and therefore that’s why Mitrice was running. That is not true. I would love to talk to you more privately. I really like your your style of writing – fair, direct, and objective.


    • Black Sista, where in the world did you hear that I was not supportive of Mitrice being gay? I was told of that rumor, however never attempted to learn where it originated from. BTW, that not true.


  3. Greetings to you Black Sista. I don’t often read articles or blogs due to the sensationalism and one-sided reporting that can be extremely difficult to read. However, when I do sneak-a-peek, I always read your site. I find your commentaries and conclusions to be fair and impartial.

    No one can answer the question that you have repeatedly asked, until now. Michael Richardson DID NOT contribute, nor offer, any assistance to help bury our daughter, Mitrice. Michael Richardson has not contributed, offered, or participated, in any PHYSICAL searches (in the bushes or on the trails) in the canyon where Mitrice was first sighted after her release. If anyone has donated money Michael Richardson to assist in the aforementioned, please know that your good intentions were not applied. However, Michael Richardson has been successful with fundraiser rallies in Leimert park, and has been very successful in buying mugs, and other trinkets to sell, none of which aided the search efforts to find Mitrice. Nonetheless, those events kept Mitrice’s story in the media, and for that, I thank him.

    Black Sista, you are absolutely correct, Mitrice’s funeral was private, and it was up to me to determine if I did not want Michael Richardson or his family members in attendance. I would not do that. I made sure IF he decided to attend, accommodations where reserved for him and his family. While it is true, he ordered his family and friends to leave because he was upset, his mother, who I love, encouraged him to return. It was disrespectful to Mitrice indeed, even more appalling is Michael throwing a gang flag in her grave, but I expected nothing less from him. I’ve read how Mitrice’s obituary didn’t reflect Michael and his family; however it did reflect Mitrice’s life and her family. The video tribute did the same.

    God is good Black Sista. The Lord is my help and supplies my needs abundantly.

    In regards to Anne Soble, she is not racist, and in fact she has reached out and interviewed Michael richarson many times, until he became extremely obscene and threatening with her when she did not agree with him. That is a common behavior pattern that has me demonstrated to me, Dr. Ronda Hampton, and various volunteers who would not choose “sides” – volunteers that was climbing trails to look for Mitrice when he wouldn’t. I will not take this opportunity to “blast” certain journalist other than to say, unlike Anne Soble, other dominant bloggers have never spoke to me and speaks from a one-sided view.

    Black Sista, I would appreciate if you can find an opportunity to contact me at my email address provided.

    Thank you, and God Bless you……..


    • Latice, i agree with your comment about Anne Soble. Most of my information about the case is what i read from her articles. She’s been pretty consistent. a few weeks back Michael Richardson started slamming her on his blog & twitter. He believes that everyone has it out for him. You know how i feel about that anger, i said it before on a few other blogs and i will say it again (this is directed towards Michael) ““Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”


  4. I was there – not sure of any misinformation but I am open to hearing any?


  5. And I just wanted to add…. I don’t know if anne soble is racist but she has been covering the story for a while. I would assume if she wouldn’t have given Mitrice case any coverage if she was. I mean look at Nancy Grace she didn’t give it no play until it was big news. And I was shock to hear that Michael attend the private funeral. Because honestly Latice didn’t have to let him, especially not knowing what he might say or do. She put her differences aside and trusted that he wouldn’t do anything reckless and sounds like he did. You got to let go the anger. If you let your anger counsel you, your going to find your self in some horrible situations.


    • There are a lot of people in the Malibu area who believe that something was done to Mitrice. Even the other local paper, The Malibu Times, hasn’t been as forthcoming as the Surfside News. Or the L.A. Times who, as Mitrice’s hometown paper, should be doing investigative reporting up the ying-yang about this case, and handing the works over to the FBI.

      I don’t think that anyone believes–except for racist, right-wing cop lovers–that the Sheriff’s Department is not responsible for Mitrice’s death. Especially after that ludicrous wild goose chase that they were touting (and that Michael ran with), that Mitrice had somehow gotten to Las Vegas, in her right mind, and had become a hooker. A hooker? That was the ultimate in improbable B-movie, soft-porn endings. That’s what it was. A fantasy.

      I can see why Michael, who had always maintained that she was alive, would go along with this tale. But frankly, that would have run consonant with the deputies’ story that she was in her right mind, and thus was running a scam on the restaurant, and trying to concoct one on the deputies. Even at the time of the Vegas “sighting,” we knew that she was not in her right mind, that she had had a psychological episode.

      Until those responsible for Mitrice’s death are caught and prosecuted and convicted, there is no peace for this child.


      • Heck, yea they are responsible. One thing that bothers me about this situation is when people say “well she had the option to stay”. First off she was suffering from a mental disorder, she wasn’t in her right mind frame to be rational and say “you know what, I’m not familiar with this area, I’m just going to stay until the morning. If she was being ignored in the jail and in distress…why would she want to stay in there. And i find it hard to believe she was monitored while in jail because if she was doing everything that the family states she did…that should of sent off alarms. Someone should of said “something is not right here, we need to keep her, and make a possible transfer for mental evaluation”. That was cruel for them to ignore her. Some people would say well she got arrested and she broke the law. But she had no prior record so she should have gotten better treatment. It would be a different story if she had a rap sheet and they knew her by first name. Wouldn’t someone who works there have common sense to say ” this young lady is about to walk out of the station with no protective clothing in this weather, no cellphone, obviously no money, and no ride”. Something isn’t right, let me get a hold of her family and let them know the situation, maybe they can come pick her up. They said “she was going to hook up with friends”. How was she going to do that when there was no buses running,no access to her car, no money or cellphone. The officers who picked her up should have noted what the restaurant manager and staff said. If she passed a sobriety test, then she should of been kept so they could observe and see if she would happen to start talking gibberish or saying she was from mars again. I feel as though they could of kept her because I honestly if a lawsuit was brought up because they kept her, they could just use the information they was given from Geofrey’s restaurant. They could easily say that staff and restaurant patrons made statements about her behavior and we wanted to keep her to make sure she didn’t pose a danger to herself or others. How could you possibly get in trouble for being concerned and cautious. A lot of things don’t add up. And my heart goes out to Mitrice’s family. Its a shame this beautiful young woman had to lose her life but i believe this situation is going to bring a big and very much needed change. I’m a mommy of two and i believe in a mother’s intuition. She knew that wouldn’t pan out to be much. They just seemed so confident that this Vegas sighting was going to clear everything up and make those lawsuits go away. Well sorry for venting. I just have some many questions about this case. I’m recent psychology grad and this whole thing just bothers me. With much encouragement from my husband, i will be starting my own blog about the Mitrice Richardson case.


  6. I’m not picking sides and I don’t claim to know everything but if michael did do all of that he was being inappropriate. I’ve seen him take stabs at Latice Sutton on the twitter,facebook, commenting on blogs, and interviews. He said some pretty hurtful things. One of the things I clearly thought was reckless is he said that she (Latice) should of got up off her ass and got Mitrice that night. He has a lot of anger but he needs to direct it towards his goal which is to get justice for Mitrice. Normally death brings people together its unfortunate that this didn’t happen for them. I don’t doubt he didn’t help pay for the funeral expenses, I think he exhausted a lot of his money to help find Mitrice. But no matter if he was unhappy about not being mentioned in the obituary or being acknowledged during the sermon he should of saved all of that until the services was over. That was not his day, it was Mitrices.


    • MsDee, thank you for your comment. It was Mitrice’s day, a celebration of her life and the richness of it. The spirit of her life will live on through the “change” that is destin to occur as a result of her tragic death.



  7. Blksista You are absolutely ridiculous! The mere fact that someone alerts you to the fact your ‘post’ is inaccurate & you cop an attitude is straight out IGNORANT! You should be happy someone other than Anne Soble is giving you insight on what really happened but it seems you don’t mind spreading around FALSE INFORMATION…AT LEAST GET YOUR INFORMATION STRAIGHT IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY TO CALL SOMEONE OUT ON SPELLING! You need to be more concerned about spreading ACCURATE INFORMATION if anything else! ***Priorities Lady***

    But you need to learn to speak on what you actually know rather than taking some woman’s word that you don’t even know and RUNNING with it! You want to point out that this is about MITRICE yet you don’t seem to have a problem focusing your article on MICHAEL RICHARDSON’S actions, slandering him, clearly taking the focus off of Mitrice by creating this image of her father. But I guess you just want to get some readers on your blog so you don’t mind piggy backing off of another woman’s article who clearly has a problem with Michael Richardson…Stay IGNORANT BLKSISTA….B/c you CLEARLY show that you are with your post and this comment you had the nerve to write to the gentlemen above me!!! SMH


    • Another one who indulges in all caps…

      I was “slandering” Michael Richardson? Please.

      All this really is about is the continuing “war” between Latice Sutton and Michael Richardson that has gone on for decades over their relationship and their daughter, who is no longer with us because of the lies and cover-up of the L.A. Sheriff’s Department.

      Nobody was willing to lay down the hatchet and keep their own counsel, even during the funeral, which was about the girl, her achievements, and her humanity. Showboating, waving bandannas, standing ovations. I’m shaking my head. That was my criticism. People know better than that. But I’ve seen far worse at private funerals.

      You still don’t answer the question I asked of the other poster. Did Michael Richardson lay down money for Mitrice’s funeral or not? That would go a long way towards clarifying whether Soble’s article and Latice Sutton’s allegations were accurate or not. Otherwise, I look at your comments as nothing more than cheerleading for the team.

      BTW, I Google News any information that I can find about Mitrice. I also visit Jasmyne Cannick’s website periodically to find any updates. I went there before I completed this article. I continue to list Michael Richardson’s website as well as Latice Sutton’s on my blog, although Latice’s website may have closed. Why? Because everyone has a right to hear the other side.


      • First, I have to ask were you there & are you speaking from 1st hand knowledge when you wrote this? I believe the answer is no, so that only means that you are still piggybacking off of someone else’s story & believing it to be the truth. You are talking to me like I am unaware of the the situation, I was at the service & am fully aware of what happened, without reading your post of misinformation…I know Latice & Michael, so you are not able to school me on anything sista. It’s just crazy how you can sit there and judge people you know nothing of & see no wrong in not making sure your info is as accurate as possible before you post.

        People love to act like they know it all when they are standing far on the outside of things. And then they try to really argue with someone on the inside about it. Wow!

        BTW, when you wrote, “All those people didn’t come for him; they came for his daughter. All family fighting should have been kept at the downlow in memory of that girl. And the fact of his relative absence from Mitrice’s life until the last nine years of her life for whatever reason: it is what it is. Slathering on all that false praise on Larry Sutton……….(etc)” —This a form of slandering since you seemed to not be aware.

        FYI: Definition of Slander: defamation of a person by unprivileged oral communication made to a third party; any false or defamatory words spoken about a person


        • You may have been lucky to be there, but you constitute only one point-of-view of what happened.

          It’s true; I was not there. I wish that I had, to bear witness for Mitrice.

          However, each extreme side is biased.

          What I wrote was part-opinion and interpretation what happened there based on Anne Soble’s account. There were no other media accounts at the time I wrote this piece from which to get other points-of-view. And yes, I felt that Michael was being disingenuous in “praising” Larry Sutton, especially after the walkout.

          I find it interesting that you still do not answer the central question, did Michael Richardson help pay the funeral expenses for his daughter? Furthermore, you don’t seem to counter any of Latice’s charges that Anne Soble outlined from her about this issue. I did not make this up, either. You claim that you know Latice; why would Latice lie about this to a white woman reporter? Why would Soble actually fabricate something like this out of whole cloth? I haven’t read of Latice Sutton saying Soble’s been lying or wrong yet.

          Slander? What you are suggesting would not even stand up in court.


          • You’re saying I only constitute one point of view of what happened? How is that? I was there so I saw it from all angles. I’m not on a side, mothers or fathers, I’m neutral. And being that I am neutral, I know both sides of what’s going on rather than your quoted source, Anne Soble, who strictly only talks to the mother. So what you are trying to tell me is ridiculous in the fact that I’m letting you know that you are writing your article based off of someone’s view who is truly one-sided and always has been, yet you want to tell me I’m one sided??? That makes no sense when you based your whole post on what someone else wrote who is clearly biased but telling me I’m only one point of view….hmmmmmm

            Once again the fact that you were not there and base your opinions & interpretations off of a clearly biased persons views tells alot in itself. At no point do you say in this post, that you dont know if this is exactly how it went down, you write as if you KNOW this is how it went down. And like I said before the fact you are not welcoming people to tell you what really went down & you are acting like Anne Soble is for the black community & for speaking the truth is beyond me!!! But hey, if this is how you blog do your ‘thang.’ I just know from here on out that what you write most likely isn’t really what occurred b/c you do not mind using the 1st person you see write an article just to get readers to your blog. It’s really even more sad you are contributing to the same tactic that Soble has been trying to do all along, & that’s to keep a division between the parents in every article she posts. You say this is supposed to be all about Mitrice yet you are playing right into what the media wants by taking the focus off Mitrice and bad mouthing Michael Richardson. (Dont you know people love mess & controversy & now this stuff will be the topic of convo rather than Mitrice & the foul play by the sheriffs! SMH)

            Are you for our community or not, that is the question that needs to be answered.

            And since you have Mr Richardson’s website posted on here, did you go there to read what he wrote about this situation? Your answer will be there so you can stop asking your readers. You are the blogger, do your own research especially if the facts are out there for you to read for yourself.

            Lastly, I can tell by your comments back to me you just dont mind being messy & instead of spreading accurate info within our community you will take a ‘Malibu media reporters’ statements and run with them. Whether Latice said this stuff or not, you just look over the big picture & that is THE MEDIA LOVES TO CREATE A DIVISION within our black community. This is what they like to see happen and you fed right into it rather than trying to see if maybe she (Soble) was being a little over dramatic in her descriptions of what occurred. (Which she was)

            And who’s talking about court, you can slander someone without ever going to court on it…the definition doesn’t require you having to go to court for it to be slander, sorry! But carry on, I just was trying to help you be a more accurate blogger but you have clearly showed that you don’t mind being ignorant to the truth of things. That’s sad my sista! Truly sad!


      • I assure you, I choose not to “war” with anyone other than LASD and those involved with the death of my baby. That being said, at times I do struggle with the manipulation of words to garnering sympathy that is misused. I don’t like people being taken advantage of.


  8. Dear Black Sista, you really should stop copying articles from Anne Soble, if you noticed that racist woman has never written anything positive about Mr. Richardson. You need to know that the funeral was very one sided. Mitrice Biological father or his family was never mentioned in the obituary. If it had not been for Mr. Richardson no one in the Black community would have even known about this case. Mitrice’s mother is very upset at Mr. Richardson because he chose not to hire hack Lawyer Leo Terrell, and he read that Dr. Rhonda Hampton chick a long time ago. If this Larry Sutton guy was so honorable where has he been for 11 months oh yea, rehab. Just to show you how racist anne soble is, she doesn’t mention the 3 applaudes and standing ovation Mr. Richardson received for his unwritten speach to all of Latice Sutton family members. So the joke was on all of them because he still rose above them. Mr. Richardson states the disrepect was Maxine Waters who’s up against ethics charges and anne soble for just being a racist from Malibu. If you are a real sista come to the community and see this man support. Fundraisers, this man has a receipt for ink pens he has his stuff together.


    • Number one, brother: you cannot spell or construct a decent thought or sentence.

      Two, as I said before, this funeral was not about him and how many pens that he has bought or the standing ovations he was supposedly given. It was not about scoring points. It was about Mitrice. Apparently, you and he have forgotten about that.

      Three, did he, or did he not help to pay for Mitrice’s funeral expenses? If he did not, the fact that he and members of his family were allowed to be at the funeral is enough.


    • Mr. Derrick Young,
      It is clear to me that you don’t know Mitrice.
      “If it had not been for Mr. Richardson no one in the Black community would have even known about this case.”
      It’s debatable if the “black community” would have known about Mitrice’s case or not. I can tell you, my objective is for the world to know about Mitrice’s case.
      “Mitrice’s mother is very upset at Mr. Richardson because he chose not to hire hack Lawyer Leo Terrell….”
      Mr. Derrick Young, It’s amazing that you can state so affirmatively why I am upset with Michael, yet you don’t even know me. It certainly is not because Michael choose not to hire a black lawyer, my disgust with Michael has to do with him saying vulgar things to me that I will not state publicly, blaming me for my daughter’s disappearance (death), referring to my baby as a prostitute on national TV, taking advantage of people’s kindness financially…….etc (I can go on), are just a few valid reasons that you know nothing about because you do not know me.
      “he read that Dr. Rhonda Hampton chick a long time ago”
      You disrespectful person. Dr. Ronda Hampton has searched for Michaels daughter on dirt roads, in bushes, in sewer pipes, while Michael was boasting about eating fish and working out with his personal trainer. What bush have you searched for my baby?

      “If this Larry Sutton guy was so honorable where has he been for 11 months oh yea, rehab”
      Be careful, that is slander. Rather than you speculating, or falling for twisted rantings, , let me enlighten you. Larry Sutton was protecting Mitrice’s sister whom she loved dearly, at my request. A parent would understand the need to keep a child out of the spotlight, and their life as normal as possible.
      I’m only going to comment on one last area:
      “If you are a real sista come to the community and see this man support. Fundraisers”
      How insulting. Going to the community won’t make her a “real sista” it will only feed into the hype to enhance Michael’s self importance and his raising money to benefit himself. A “real sista” is going to do what’s right, even if it goes against the crowd.

      Justice4Mitrice……is Justice4All


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