Two Replies to Glenn Beck and The Tea Party Movement

Well, you already know I’m no ‘bagger. It reeks of sellout. Just like the sprinkle of blacks that show up in the Republican Party Conventions. Just like the blacks I saw being interviewed by the MSM at the Beck-Palin revival meeting. Just like one of our Supreme Court justices, whose white wife happens to be a ‘bagger symp. (Note: his interracial marriage doesn’t mean he’s a sellout.) Even if you’re not a liberal or a conservative, you don’t betray your own.

Some of the issues that the rappers bring up may be unfamiliar to others. It’s recent history. Look them up yourselves. But get a clue: we’re not going back. The young sure aren’t.

Regarding that revival meeting, I think Beck chickened out on making it the equivalent of a Nazi Party rally. No, I think those people came wanting to be transformed, roused and harangued into becoming wild-eyed true believers in the cause. Bear with me as I free-associate. If Beck had really possessed the cojones he claims that he has, these people might have done what the people at the Million Man March and the March on Washington and all the Vietnam demonstrations combined refused to do even if they wanted. That is, run all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue, pull down the freaking iron fences of the White House, and take over the country.

Or drag Obama and Michelle and the daughters out before the startled media, and check the Executive Mansion for prayer rugs and the imam hidden in the walls like some outlawed Elizabethan-era Catholic priest. Hey, Beck could have done it with 87,000 people.

But then, the believers would have to ask him thereafter, what now? What now, Glenn?

What now? always backs them off. I think Beck didn’t want to use that kind of power. He certainly had it. He had the media following his every move, especially Faux Noise. The fair-haired boy of the hour was too afraid. I think that he was also too afraid that his speech would crash and burn. In fact, he said in one of his radio videos that he had only put together “a few bullet points.” Better reduce the volume and the treble levels or it all just might blow up in his face.

No wonder the participants felt just a little cheated at the religiosity of it all. The right-wing kumbaya-ness of it all. Or maybe, as Ruth Marcus claims, this was exactly what Beck wanted: wed the religious right with the fiscal conservatives.

Then during an interview later that day, he took back his remarks from last year that he thought Obama was a racist. Um…so why didn’t you say that at the revival, preacher? Afraid that the multitude would disperse with a quickness? You knew that’s not what they were waiting for, that’s what.

He also said that he was a big mouth, too. That’s not news, either.

You might notice that the Witch of Wasilla also toned down her folksy, down-home fraudulent rhetoric, too. One wonders who they are really trying to impress. I’ve got an idea, though. Some of you may as well.

And people like Alveda King had better watch their backs, using Martin King’s name and what she thinks her uncle would have done to score points with the people who hated him, and pad her nest over his dead body. From hating gays to anti-abortion rallies to this. I just wonder why her usual reactionary cohort, her cousin Bernice King, Martin’s daughter, wasn’t there along with her. Bernice’s brother, though, was dead center at Sharpton’s rally to refute her claims to legitimacy as a civil rights leader. Yes, this is very much a family affair, as Sly and The Family Stone once sang. As Field Negro over in Philadelphia says, The jigging must stop.

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  1. Why should anyone on either side have to “watch their back”. Are you saying you are a “back stabber”? I prefer to think that Rodney King might have been right when he said, “can’t we all just get along”? Or when Martin Luther King said; …judge a man by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin. WE THE PEOPLE….all people are in this together…not ….”you stab my back, I’ll stab yours”


    • I wasn’t referring to physical violence at all. I was referring to the Reverend Alveda King’s tendency to over-emphasize her prominence and importance above that of her famous uncle and aunt. It is as if they were somehow mistaken/ignorant/stupid in their commitment to their people, while she, Alveda King, knows better and has all the answers. She is like an overblown balloon that deserves a pinprick.

      Like the previous poster said, Alveda has an honorary degree, and not the Ph.D her uncle possessed. She’s not a doctor of anything. Anderson Cooper set the record straight. He knows exactly who and what she is.


  2. Tonight on Anderson Cooper’s CNN Show one of Glenn Beck’s flunkies referenced “Dr Alveda King” and her “moving words” during the rally. Well at the end of the show, Anderson Cooper said I just need to make one more comment about Alveda King. She is not a Doctor or an MD. That was an honarary degree that allows her to use that title. But as Anderson always states, “we just want to keep them honest”! BAM — you could hear a pin drop for a second in that studio. Yes, Alveda, watch your back, your last name and your made up titles.


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