Cee-Lo Green’s Really Big F Bomb

I’ve been intrigued by Gnarls Barkley–featuring 35-year-old Cee-Lo, formerly of Goodie Mob, and DJ Danger Mouse. Maybe it’s how the young, rather big and impressive brother, Cee-Lo, looks and sings. I like him. He’s been on his own for several years, collaborating and putting out his own brand of music. Whenever Gnarls was featured on some variety show like SNL, or a music video, I’d definitely check it out.

(I think that I remember seeing Cee-Lo and his boys in Mystery Men: “rappin’, cappin’,” for the villain Casanova Frankenstein. Goodness, that’s like a century ago.)

His new solo album, The Lady Killer, won’t be released until December. However, they may have to push the date up a bit since his single, “Fuck You,” went viral.

Yes. It’s a single called “Fuck You.”

People simply cannot resist these videos, and they are definitely not for running at work. I couldn’t resist. They make you laugh out loud in recognition. I may be late for the train, but I am putting both the literal and the figurative versions of this song on the Page. I saw the literal version first before I saw the official music video.

This single speaks of thwarted love and sorrow with great humor…and profanity. Because that’s exactly how people feel when a relationship goes wrong. You want to kill (but you don’t) the man or woman who succeeds where you couldn’t. You start cussing out of frustration and longing. Although, in this case, it’s about how much money Cee-Lo has, and not who he is or what he feels for the girl. If you really love ’em, the saying goes, you have to let them go. But still, it’s with an F Bomb attached. It’s a banana in a tail pipe.

There are ways to say FU nicely, and this is one of them.

One more thing, The N Word is in this song, too, for alliterative purposes, but still…

~ by blksista on September 2, 2010.

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