There Are Two Sides of Every Story: The Ex From Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” Responds

I got this from Shadow and Act. I agree with them; that there was bound to be fall out from the sisteren regarding Cee-Lo’s successful video. This response just as catchy as Cee-Lo’s. And perfectly understandable. An obsession means exactly what it is, obsessive behavior that’s uncalled for and in extreme cases, dangerous.

Thing is, I don’t think Cee-Lo’s alter-ego was actually yelling the F Bomb at the girl and her new boyfriend in the song. I believe that he was having these conversations in his mind, and saying these things to himself, whenever he’d see the girl and the guy drive by. As in, boy I wish I could say this, but I can’t.

But then again, some guys aren’t like this. They’re psycho cases. No woman deserves them or this treatment.

I’m giving them both equal time here. Make up your own minds. Why?

Because some of this stuff is simply not funny, when you think of ex-husbands and boyfriends stalking or killing former wives and girlfriends, and restraining orders don’t seem to work.

~ by blksista on September 5, 2010.

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