Is James Jones a Hero? Outraged Father of Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Confronts the Bullies on the School Bus


James Willie Jones


You know, part of me thinks, “He should have beaten their little triflin’ asses up and down the bus aisle.” And then the other part of me thinks, “No, brother. I understand, but this ain’t the way.” But what way is going to be the right way to keep these little thugs-in-training from humiliating, threatening and beating up his, or any one else’s daughter or son, and having respect for people who are different?

Because this kind of behavior is why poor Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover in Massachusetts committed suicide at eleven, that’s why. If these kids–male and female–are so uncouth and so insensitive as to bully a child who was differently abled, who cannot defend his/herself, or appears studious and conscientious, or seems “gay,” that is, vastly unlike their thuggish ways, then they need to be taken in hand now to get a wake-up call.

The parents of the little thugs don’t do anything. The schools–teachers and administrators–don’t do anything. Repeated visits to juvie has no effect, it appears. And the idiots think that they are close to grown–or god–and can do whatever they want. Um…no, they can’t. They need to know that. We’re the taxpayers that are paying for their asses in juvie and in prison, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions.

And even after he threatened them, the little hardened criminals kept on messing with Jones’ daughter. She had to be brought to the hospital later, and was under a suicide watch. Now she doesn’t want to ride the bus. I cannot even blame her.

So just what exactly happened in Lake Mary, Florida?

James Jones says a student threw something in his daughter’s hair and kids were laughing at her. Jones’ attorneys say it went so far as some of the boys at school throwing condoms at her on the bus. A video shows him angrily boarding the school bus the next day threatening to hurt the kids.

“This is not acceptable behavior for a parent or any person to use on a bus or in a classroom,” Seminole County Public School officials said in a statement Friday.

It may not be acceptable behavior, but I think that he wouldn’t have done it if his wife’s request to a school administrator to stop this kind of thing happening to their daughter hadn’t been completely ignored. Not his baby.

Jones was charged Thursday with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. He was later released from Seminole County Jail.

The school board also said in the statement that they are committed to investigating and they have a strict anti-bullying policy. The school district said that Jones never reported his concerns to officials, and they are also saying that the girl who was targeted was not Jones’ daughter.

Ha. I believe the Joneses.

“Strict” means that they don’t have to enforce it, and that it is mere window-dressing. Meanwhile, the bullying continues unabated.

Some students at Greenwood Lakes Middle School were not surprised that this type of bullying was going on at their school.

“They punch and throw you into the wall and push you onto the ground and call you stupid names,” said Dylan, a student at Greenwood Lakes.

Dylan said kids at his school pick on students with special needs too. “They laugh at the retarded kids, the special kids and they pick on them,” said Dylan.


The Joneses may have to place their daughter in private middle school, if they can afford it. Because the school is deaf, dumb and blind to everything until children are literally maimed or killed. And even then…they don’t give a sh*t.

Man, in Catholic middle school, in the Sixties, the nuns would have chucked these little thugs out of school permanently after about the second incident, and the second note home to the parents, and let them handle it. The nuns did not have time for that kind of mess, and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament practiced corporal punishment. They broke yardsticks and warmed paddles over kids misbehaving, especially in middle school, and wrote notes and spoke to parents. (Discipline, not torture, like in the current Catholic Church scandals here and in Europe and elsewhere.) And in the old days, the parents whacked behinds and landed punishments on them. Like two weeks to a month without a social life or without records, or phone calls, or going out with the family to get ice cream or something.

Black parents who busted his and her asses financially to send their kids to Catholic school in New Orleans were essentially saying: “Look, I am paying for your ass to get some quality education beyond what they offer in PS Something Something. I ain’t paying for you to be messing around there. You better listen, learn something, and don’t you embarrass me or get into trouble with the sisters, or else.” That “or else” meant that there was something waiting for them at home, and it certainly wasn’t milk and cookies.

These days, kids are more apt to pry open and ruin Dad’s locked desk to get access to their cell phones and their iPods once more, even for an hour or so, thus causing them more long-term punishment. However, it just seems to wash over this new set of kids like a wave.

I sure do believe the Buddhists when they state that your life condition, at the moment of conception, also has a bearing of what kind of individual is birthed from your bodies. These children may have been born in the world of hell, but they didn’t have to become pure hell. I wonder what kind of control the parent(s) have over these kinds of children. Is it only when the children are accused of anti-social behavior that the parent(s) jump into other parents’ faces, instead of realizing that they haven’t or failed to train and reinforce correct behaviors in their child adequately? It’s more a glaring failing of the parent(s) whose child errs, and no parent(s) whose child harms other children seems to want to acknowledge their failure.

No, I don’t think that Jones is a hero, but I think that he reflects a lot of people’s growing anger and frustration. They are sick and tired of other people not raising their children to respond to society’s minimum requirements as a citizen and as a human being. Some of these parents imprint their own pathology on these children. By the time they reach high school, IF they reach high school, they’re fodder for the prison industry. And that’s a waste of our resources.

James Jones has a legion of Facebook admirers. Check it out.

Slaus at OHellNawl lays it all out, in his/her opinion, hilarious and with a bit of truth sprinkled in there.

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7 Responses to “Is James Jones a Hero? Outraged Father of Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Confronts the Bullies on the School Bus”

  1. HI, I am not a “sista” but an Italian-American in California, originally from Chicago. I am still angry over what happened to this man–a true blue father trying to look out for his little girl. I want to know what in the heck happened afterwards? Did the school have any “penalties”? What about that bus driver? Someone should hold the elected officials responsible and make them take SOME kind of action. I think he’s a hero. THose little nasty children need a good butt kick!


  2. I would be proud to have Mr. Jones as my Father. I am sure there were some children on the bus that will remember him in a great way. Some will stand by and not speak up in situations like this for fear of it happening to them, but when they see a Parent that cares it gives them a new hope in life.

    Bullies are everywhere in our lives, at work — on the road — etc. I believe that they are insecure people and need a big dose of their behavior on them. Mr Jones will do anger management, how about bullies do Bullies management classes. My thought for the first class would be…. sit them in a room naked in front of their piers….


  3. James Jones IS a hero to his daughter and to all the other families of disabled kids who can’t fight back with these little punks. As a mother of a non-verbal autistic child I for one would have done the same thing. Maybe it is not the politically correct way to handle things but I guarantee those kids won’t forget the lesson. And if it is true that the mother’s requests were ignored I would demand proof of action by the school. If they couldn’t prove it then sue their butts. This bullying has to be NO TOLERANCE.


  4. the father was right, the school district is as despicable as any bunch of ass-covering bureaucrats. ridiculous that he feels compelled to apologize.


  5. School bullies caused the highly publicized SUICIDE of a teenage victim earlier this year. Group bullying (mobbing) is a vicious, heinous crime by degenerate monsters, not just a big kid demanding your lunch money anymore. I do NOT blame this man for his outburst. I DO blame people who brainlessly attack him. If the school authorities were reliably tough on kids and not the pushover whimps they almost always are, then yes, he should have gone to them first. But, just as most officials are everywhere, they are 99% worthless, cowardly excuse makers who “enable” viciously sociopathic “bad behavior”.


    • You’re talking about Carl Walker-Hoover. Please refer to my recent posts regarding a walk-run in his hometown to alert parents and children about the dangers of bullying.

      Carl was eleven, a tween. He was a good boy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.


  6. My heart goes out to this family. I can appreciate the frustration of the matter. He knows himself that his actions were wrong, but his motive was to protect his child. As he stated, he became the thing he loathed. I trust this matter will go away and not do any additional damage to a family which just wants to live in peace.

    May God have mercy on us as a nation that continues to tolerate such loathsome behavior as bullying. I pray a solution to this problem is forthcoming.


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